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27 August 2013

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Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn returns gamers to the planet Hydaelyn, where the Garlean empire is preparing for war, the native beasts are calling upon their gods, and the unstable realm of Eorzea prepares for another period of darkness. Players step into this turmoil as an adventurer, taking on quests for NPCs, exploring dungeons, battling beasts that roam the countryside, and joining groups of fellow gamers for new Full Active Time Events (FATE). These adventures not only help characters gain fame and fortune, but they may also help save the world.

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Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn on the PC is a great choice for the MMOG fans. It offers a new insight into the fantasy world of the game with a few improvements. Here is a review of the game to help you decide.

Square Enix has improved this release by hiring a brand new team of people to fix the problems which were present in past releases. All areas of the worlds have changed for the better and the game is minus the glitches that the previous release had. No matter what you may have thought of previous releases this one offers more and is great fun for gamers who like plenty of choice.

The action takes in many different environments of Eorzea one of the three continents of the world of Hydaelyn. Eorzea is itself split into several city states three of which, Gridania, Ul'dah and Limsa Lominsa the player can choose to originate from. A continent to the north is that of the Garlean Empire who inhabitants are the enemies of the Eorzeans and the plot is based on the conflict between between these two.

Under the game's Armory and Job System the weapon a character is equipped with determines the character's class. Players can choose and change weapons when they want and so become a member of a different class. There are eighteen character classes and these are broken down into four disciplines. These disciplines are Disciples of War, Disciples of Magic, Disciples of the Hand and Disciples of the Land. Each class within these disciplines have there own Job, Tool, Weapon or Secondary Tool. The function of the characters within these disciplines is obvious from their titles, these functions being War, Magic, Making Artifacts and Working the Land for food and materials.

The Disciples of War consist of Gladiator, Archer, Pugilist, Lancer and Marauder. The Disciples of Magic are the Arcanist, Thaumaturge and Conjurer. The disciples of the Hand are Blacksmith, Carpenter, Goldsmith, Alchemist, Culinarian, Leather worker, Weaver and Armorer. The Disciples of the Land are Miner, Fisher and Botanist. These together with their Jobs, Weapons and Tools form a complex array of characters and functions.

There are also five human like races for the player to choose from. These are the Hyur, Elezen, Lalafell Roegadyn and Miqo'te. Each have their own racial characteristics, strengths, abilities and lore. By now you can probably see that there is a great deal to absorb as well as a great deal of choice in this game.

There is also a complex economic system based of points earned and crafted items sold or bartered using a system of Market Wards in which players can set out their stall to exchange their items for stuff which they would not be able to get hold of by other means.

The missions are based on items to find and use in battle. There's nothing new to that for the player, but the items are new and the missions are interesting. When the player logs in the choices are clearly listed for that area. They break down into the following categories. Fates: These are sand-box quests. Levemetes: These are timed quests with rewards. Guildhests: These are group quests for fun in dungeons.

The game is visually stunning with landscapes that raise it from an MMOG to a piece of art. While the gameplay is seriously improved, the visual aspects of the design of the game is what makes Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn a great game.

The only limitations of the game are the way the players must play only one character at a time and some players dislike the leveling aspects of the gameplay. Most however are likely to enjoy the game for the creativity and fun characters. Others will like the battles and the group missions through the gorgeous scenery of the levels. All of the players will probably agree that it is greatly improved over the last release and although it is not the greatest game it does have plenty to keep the player occupied.

Overall, Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn on the PC is a great choice for people who enjoy fantasy action in a unique world, the creativity of the player choice coupled with great graphics makes this a worthy title for any RPG fan.

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