About Us

Welcome to Reviewanygame the only Game Review site you'll need to use. Please take a second to sign up and join the community of avid gamers.

This site was created to allow users to write their own Game Reviews based on their experience of playing a game. Far too often games are bought and later found not to be up to the gamer's expectation having been over hyped to sell more games. We also wanted a clean looking site with a navigation that was simple so the user could find the information in seconds rather than spending minutes trying to find it.

Users on site are able to post game reviews and rate the game. After 5 ratings have been submitted a score based on the average of the ratings is displayed, but until 5 separate separate ratings have been submitted the score remains inactive. Users are also able to buy the game should they wish, and at present we compare prices of several leading UK and USA Game Retailers to find the lowest price at any given moment.

We are currently updating the following features which will be in operation soon.

1) Users on site will be able to upload their own gameplay which will be showcased across the site and homepages. Users who currently own a Youtube Gaming channel will find some of the new features particulally benificial. We are currently keeping this under wraps until it is implemented shortly, more details will follow later.

2) We are currently updating the game trailer database giving an increased number of game trailers on site as well as adding the facility to allow users to comment on the game trailers and gameplay on site.

3) A profile makeover is currently being worked on, this will allow users to have a much more detailed and stylish profile.