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19 December 2008

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AC/DC Live: Rock Band Track Pack lets gamers jam to 18 live songs from one of hard rock's most popular and enduring acts. Players can emulate the drumming of Phil Rudd, don their schoolboy outfit and shred like Angus Young on all 18 tracks, or do their best gravelly voiced impressions of Bon Scott and Brian Johnson, who are represented by nine songs apiece. The hit songs include: "Hells Bells," "You Shook Me All Night Long," "For Those About to Rock (We Salute You)," "Shoot to Thrill," "Back in Black," "Thunderstruck," "Moneytalks," "Heatseeker," "Fire Your Guns," "Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be," "Jailbreak," "The Jack," "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap," "High Voltage," "Whole Lotta Rosie," "T.N.T.," "Let There Be Rock," and "Highway to Hell".



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As the player, you will find it difficult to understand the lack of character editor which will let you play randomly with cretins which are hilariously-clad and which the game prefers to create. Also, there is the lack of stage shows. AC/DC live usually have podiums, fireworks and cannons that are bloody, yet, with the game, all it has are AC/DC songs. Furthermore, there is also no online play and tour mode. So instead of going to various places, you seem to be in a slow ascending mood playing one song at a time either individually or with a group. However, these are just quite trivial. Apart from the game modes, all the 18 can accessed in quick play.

The tour mode as part of the set list produces a dilemma. Even if it was a pleasure in Donington, perhaps the developer of the game failed to look at some tiny matters such as difficulty curves during their planning. This means that spikes in random will appear at the outset of a tricky song. Nonetheless, if you are truly an avid gamer of AC/DC, you would not make it a big deal and instead consider the game a track pack in which longevity is similar to an album and the price is twice if it were accessible as a download.

Although AC/DC is definitely a Hard Rock Band, you cannot exactly have that complete Rock Band experience. Its material is basically about the riffÂ’s dominance and when it is not present, music will become solo soaring high as a mixture of whirlwind and fire. Bass as well as the drums are plummeting and even the singer generating a dull and boring experience.

Furthermore, the live set by nature features one of the most conventional issues with Rock Band. You do not exactly have a clue of what is going to happen next when you choose a song. There are several songs which are greatly expanded with classic solos and tease the crowd. In actuality, this is the first real step before you move to your introduction. Despite some glorious moments within the game, after awhile monotony would usually set in.

Overall, though others may find this Rock Band lovable, the game itself is terrible. Instead of getting pleasure from playing, what you will actually obtain will be boredom. Though you may think that problems with the game can only be slight, these matters a lot.

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