Anomaly 2 - PlayStation 4 Cheats

Unlockable Trophies.

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Anomaly 2 PlayStation 4 Trophies

Complete the indicated tasks below in order to unlock the corresponding trophies within the game.

Abilities Addict (Bronze): MULTI: Harvest 90 abilities in one match.
All targets eliminated (Bronze): MULTI: Destroy whole convoy.
Armor of Steel (Bronze): Earn 3 gold medals of Efficiency.
Back and Forth (Silver): Morph your units 50 times.
Baptism of Fire (Bronze): MULTI: Win 20 matches in total.
Blitzkrieg (Bronze): MULTI: Win a match in less than 5 minutes. [Surrender doesn't count]
Call Me Alien (Bronze): MULTI: Win a match while controlling the Towers.
Call Me Hamster (Bronze): MULTI: Hold a total of 50 abilities at once.
Carusaurum, My Preciousss (Bronze): MULTI: Harvest 500 Carusaurum units in one match.
Demolisher (Silver): Destroy 100 towers.
Divine Wind (Silver): MULTI: Kill the whole convoy by using one kamikadze.
Doomsday Weapon Specialist (Bronze): Upload Project's Shockwave data to Doctor Zander.
Energy Wave Specialist (Bronze): MULTI: Use tower energy waves 25 times in a match.
Eternal Winter is Coming (Silver): Finish the game by destroying the Anomaly.
First Blood (Bronze): Destroy 10 towers.
Fist of Stone (Bronze): Earn 3 gold medals of Ruthlessness.
Gold Standard (Bronze): Earn a gold medal.
Have You Seen Amundsen? (Bronze): Reach Antarctica
I'll Take This And That, And... (Bronze): Buy 10 units.
I'm on Fire! (Bronze): MULTI: Win by playing the Squad 3 times in a row.
I'm Sick of Snow (Bronze): Cross the border of the Anomaly.
It's Good to Be an Alien (Bronze): MULTI: Win by playing the Towers three times in a row.
Juggernaut (Bronze): MULTI: Destroy 25 towers without losing a unit.
Killstreak (Bronze): MULTI: Win 3 matches in a row.
Kiss My Shiny Golden A** (Silver): MULTI: Compose a convoy worth 3000 units of Carusaurum.
Little Collector (Bronze): Gather 20 abilities.
Mastah Explorah (Silver): MULTI: Unlock all maps.
Money Is Everything (Silver): Gather 100 units of Carusaurum.
Never Surrender! (Bronze): MULTI: Win after losing 3 or more matches.
New Neighbours (Silver): Finish the game but spare Alien cocoons.
No Need for a Bloodshed (Bronze): MULTI: Harvest 600 points in one match.
Nothing Can Stop Me (Silver): MULTI: Win 5 matches in a row.
Nothing Personal - I'm Just Better (Bronze): MULTI: Win a match by points advantage.
One Shot Is All I Need (Silver): MULTI: Destroy the generator that has full HP with just one shot.
Pimp My Ride (Bronze): Fully upgrade one of your units.
Platinum (Platinum): Get all trophies.
Reaper (Silver): MULTI: Destroy 50 towers without losing a unit.
Speed of Light (Bronze): Earn 3 gold medals of Swiftness.
Squad Merchant (Silver): Buy 50 units.
Suit Up! (Silver): Gather 500 abilities.
Tech Maniac (Bronze): MULTI: Buy forth technology level.
That's What I Call a Convoy! (Bronze): Build a convoy made of 6 units.
The Commander Is Born (Bronze): MULTI: Win a match by playing the Squad.
They're Mine, Mine! (Bronze): Gather 10 units of Carusaurum.
This is My Planet! (Bronze): MULTI: Win by playing the Towers on every map.
Tower Unplugged (Bronze): MULTI: Destroy the generator.
Towers Bane (Bronze): Destroy 10 towers of each type.
Two in One (Bronze): Morph your units 5 times.
Veni, Vidi, Vici! (Bronze): MULTI: Win by playing the Squad at least once on every map.
Veteran (Silver): MULTI: Win 50 matches in total.
VR is Overrated (Bronze): Finish all VR trainings.
War Hero (Gold): Earn every gold medal there is to earn in this game.