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20 February 2011

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In Arcania: Gothic 4, an action-heavy RPG in the vein of Oblivion, where a traditional fantasy setting provides the backdrop as players explore a world torn apart by civil war and constant battles against orcs. King Rhobar III managed to peacefully reunite most of the land, and he set sail for the Southern Islands in an attempt to finish the job. But during the journey, the king descended into madness, sending his close companions Diego, Gorn, Milten, and Lester into exile, and creating a power vacuum that once again led to war. Gamers step into this void as a lone adventurer who returns home to find his village looted and destroyed, with the culprits sailing off into the distance.

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The Arcanian scenery, portrayed in the usual pseudo-romantic Gothic style, is indeed beautiful and discovering new aspects of its strange other-wordly terrain and its imposing castles, is fun in itself. But inevitably there has to be a hero, and, as in previous Gothics, the hero is nameless. He has just proposed to his loved one, and to make for even more tragedy they are expecting a child. Then, of course, and where would we be without it, the inevitable disaster strikes to ruin what seemed to be an ideal family future. When disaster strikes it does so in a big way, his family are slaughtered by the troops of the mad, evil King. Seeking revenge, our nameless hero sets out on a trek to the mountains to visit a mystical mythical forge, such things as smith's forges always having been associated with godly powers, and he's out to get him some. There are of course great expanses of country to traverse with many challenges on the way. All this with the aim of seeking a bloody revenge on the perpetrator of the aforesaid atrocities.

Here begins the adventure involving those travels all through the land of Arcania, dealing with the sometimes hostile peasantry, visiting dark dungeons and slaying hordes of contentious jabbering goblins. Its undulating terrain hides dungeons used as hiding places by hideous Orcs and creepy Spiders. The land is populated with peasants who live in wooden hutted towns, and pester our hero all the time while continuously making the most annoying vocal noises. So annoying that your best bet is to go into town, do your business, and get out again as quickly as possible. While here we have Goblins to fight, crop destroying beetles to crush and mead to fetch by way of appeasing the poverty stricken peasants. The game also takes you away from the towns to regions of wilderness where more enemies lurk all around and their destruction calls upon you to muster all your strength.

The skills of combat and magic that are available are rather thin on the ground but adequate, the audio-vocals are annoyingly awful but, for the many many hours it took to succeed in the main quest, the constantly changing, ever interesting and beautiful scenery, where every turn of a corner presented something new, more than made up for its faults. This game is a good old fashioned, wandering adventure, not deep or demanding, but easy to play and, when playing, time just shoots by. Its like going on holiday.

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