Summer Challenge: Athletics Tournament - Wii

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18 May 2012


Summer Challenge Athletics Tournament presents sports entertainment for the entire family, giving the opportunity of taking on some of the best sportsmen and women in the world competing in twenty or more sporting disciplines. The atmosphere of Olympic excitement is re-created in high quality graphics and audio.

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Summer Challenge: Athletics Tournament came out in the summer of 2012, and it was a game that tried to capitalize on the popularity of the Olympics. However, while there are already plenty of family fun games for the Wii, Athletics Tournament offered enough unique content and new twists on old ideas to make it a success.

Why Play Athletics Tournament?

Summer Challenge offered players a number of different ways to play. The game contained eight different sports with twenty different events, ranging from track and field to archery, fencing, etc. Most of the popular Olympic events that could be done with the Wii controller made it into this package, and that gave it points on uniqueness and variety right up front.

The game also includes classic elements of athletic training along with the actual Olympic competition, ensuring that players have to do more than just show up to try for a gold medal. Players have to go through independent events, qualifying their athletes in challenge after challenge, earning points to build up their skills and abilities. In this way the game is sort of similar to an action role playing game, except that players have to do all of the hard work right along with their athletes.


On the one hand, Athletics Tournament is a fairly simple game to figure out. Players have their athletes, and they have to participate in all of the events to earn points and medals in order to progress. In fact, some of the events are so difficult that athletes who haven't been properly trained up can't even complete them, much less come out with a gold medal.

As to the actual mechanics of the game, the Wii controller is spotty at best in some of the events. Additionally, players need to remember that the controls for given events are listed in the options menu. There is no tutorial, which lots of players might find frustrating. This is especially true for events like diving, which isn't something that a living room is conductive to. Different events will take different amounts of practice to get used to, but it will be very rare for players to get it right the first time when it comes to the controls. If players can remember that, then the game will be a lot less frustrating in both the short and the long run.

Is It Worth It?

Summer Challenge: Athletics Tournament is a game that could be played by the whole family. It's friendly, and provides an environment that anyone can operate in. However, that said, the game is kind of bland when it comes to party fun. It lacks the cartoonish characters and wacky fun of many other Wii games, and it has a very professional air to it. It's a game, more or less, about the Olympics. While the Olympics are exciting, and engaging, they're very serious too. That sort of tone takes a lot out of the potential fun that Athletics Tournament could have had.

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