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14 November 2008

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Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts challenges players to design and drive vehicles that allow the bear and backpacked bird heroes to complete tasks and accomplish goals. Winning a race, reaching a remote location, jumping a certain distance of off a ramp -- each 3D platform-puzzle challenge is specific, but players can set out to meet it in any way they choose. The only limitations are imagination and parts. Players can supply their own imagination, but new parts are found hidden throughout the game world, especially the game's Showdown Town hub area, which is explored in more traditional, on-foot 3D platform gameplay. As the story goes, A powerful entity known as Lord of Games has grown sick of the bickering between Banjo and Gruntilda, and has devised a contest to decide the rightful owner of Spiral Mountain.

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by Deep Silver
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In the previous version Bonjo defeated Gruntilda. Well in this episode you will Gruntilda in her worst body form as her body is more destructed and with her duo has also got some weight as they had nothing to do over the time so they sit and eat pizza and they have got some heavy fat. In middle of the story Lord of the games interrupts a very uneven fight between Bonjo and the skull and proposes a competition. The story line is very interesting and kids are going to love the little twists that story offers at different times.

There is no chance that you can explore a full world 100 percent in first attempt. But here exploration has been made more optional in which you are not forced to look for shiny treasures. In fact you just progress to other level and you are automatically given the required tools. You do not need to search for your requirements on different levels.

As you will play you will know that Bonjo is little lazy for these missions and you will always need to use some sort of vehicle to help him out in missions. The vehicle making machine is really fun to use. Using it you can create almost everything that pops into your mind. And in minutes you will be able to see your idea running and playing with you. The only condition that you need to follow during designing is that Bonjo should be able to sit on your creation.

So far I have seen just one flaw in the game and that is in the frame rate. In some moments the game gets real slow and you can even see the transition of animation frames. This happens rarely but you will experience this.

Overall Banjo-Kazooie Nuts & Bolts is a well researched and well developed adventure game. It has all the qualities that you can expect from a high quality adventure game.

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