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28 October 2011

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Battlefield 3 is a first-person shooter with destructible environments, large-scale maps, controllable vehicles, and online support for up to 24 simultaneous players. In a storyline set in 2014, you'll play as a Russian agent sent to stop a terrorist attack in Paris, a Marine corporal in the Tehran desert, and as others in missions set in Sarajevo, New York, Wake Island, Oman, and Sulaymaniyah. The Frostbite physics engine introduced in the Battlefield: Bad Company spin-off series has been enhanced, now allowing for the complete destruction of buildings and scenery objects as well as vision blurring or blinding effects. Soldiers can also shoot from the prone position.

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Release Date: 08/11/2011

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Battlefield 3 is the first "core" Battlefield game to show up on the PS3, and EA certainly made sure to push this fact as hard as they possibly could. But is Battlefield 3 demonstrably better than the Battlefield Bad Company games were, or is it simply just another, albeit slightly better version of the same game?

One of the things that the Bad Company series was often praised for was its campaign. In a series that had always had an entirely multiplayer focus, the Bad Company games created a humorous off color group of soldiers that were relatable and interesting, something not seen all that often in your run of the mill modern military shooter. However, Battlefield 3 throws all of this good will out the window by creating a campaign that is utterly generic. More importantly for its genre, the campaign only has one memorable set piece, even as it constantly attempts to create them.

But alas, it is a Battlefield game, and if we're realistic no one comes into it looking for a high quality single player experience. The multiplayer gameplay of Battlefield 3 pulls heavily from the entire back catalog of the series, but it pulls most of its mechanics from Bad Company and Bad Company 2. Both Rush (originally from Bad Company) and Conquest (the original battlefield game mode) make a return in Battlefield 3, with a maximum of 24 players on each map.

Compared to the last Bad Company 2, the multiplayer class system has seen some minor changes. For starters, the assault and medic classes have been merged, eliminating the light machine gun toting medic from Bad Company 2. In addition it has been made much more difficult for snipers thanks to the scope that now realistically sways back and forth, and can glint in the sun, revealing their position.

Perhaps the biggest problem that has emerged with Battlefield 3 has gone on is DICE's tendency to continuously try and make the game more like Call of Duty. One pack of DLC in particular contains a number of extremely tight maps for team deathmatch. Most Battlefield players play the game because they love the enormous maps and the strategic gameplay, so to introduce Call of Duty style gameplay seems completely pointless. Hopefully, the Battlefield franchise continues to be an interesting, separate thing from Call of Duty, but at the end of the day, profit is king.

With Battlefield 3, I really wish I could write two separate reviews. The single player campaign is an aggressively mediocre military shooter that has very few redeeming qualities, while the multiplayer is a welcome change of pace in this world chock full of Call of Duty clones. Just be sure that as EA tries to steer the game towards competing with call of duty, which they see as a far more profitable position, vote with your dollar, and perhaps we won't have to have this same conversation when it comes time for the release of Battlefield 4.

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