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15 July 2014

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Battlefield 4 Dragon’s Teeth drops you into urban combat across Asian cities in four all-new multiplayer maps. Wreak havoc in a floating restaurant or drain the lake opening up for a frontal tank assault, all while the battle rages between the modern high rises of Sunken Dragon. Fight among the huge monuments of despots in the grey concrete Propaganda. Wage wars within the bustling alleyways and upon the rooftops of Pearl Market. Cruise with fast-moving PWC’s on the canals in the pristine park to get the upper hand in the rapid-paced infantry battle of Lumphini Garden.

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Release Date: 18/11/2014

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'Battlefield 4: Dragon's Teeth' on the Xbox One is one of the latest in the DLC released map packs that EA Digital Illusions has dropped in support of its most popular FPS franchise. 'Battlefield' has been running for a long time and the game has served as direct competition to some other AAA, big budget titles like 'Call of Duty'. The initial game came out to average, to above average reviews but fans, as always, wanted more. With 'Dragon's Teeth' we got to get our hands on some new maps and weapons to tear apart our friends in the multiplayer arena. While we have always rolled our eyes at DLC for FPS games, this one servicably enhances the core game itself. We took a trip around all of the maps in order to report back what we thought.

New maps bring on the 'levolution'..

When 'Battlefield 4' dropped for the Xbox One gamers were both impressed and rightfully angry. At launch the game had large issues that altered gameplay for many people. Along with these gameplay issues EA also had a ton of problems with their servers and many games were disrupted as a result. For weeks this endured until finally the game has gotten into a steady flow of servicing fast paced action to its players. As almost a mea culpa, we got to play some DLC that made us forget about all of the big problems we were having. 'Dragon's Teeth' is the latest DLC pack that we got to get our hands on and definitely the most fun.

Most DLC packs feel like random additions to the game rather than true, honest expansions of the original title. DICE has always been pretty good about putting DLC out that expands the depth of the gameplay rather than slapping on more room with which to experience the original thing. With 'Dragon's Teeth' we got four new maps that pushed a variety of fun new things toward us. Before we dive into the different maps, let's talk about the new game mode 'Chainlink'.

Rarely do we get entirely new game modes as part of our regular DLC downloads, but we did here. 'Chainlink' is a simple game that requires a lot of strategy. In this game mode your team needs to take over certain capture points that are scattered all over the map. You can't just go to whichever one is closest though. You have to capture each point in sequential order in order to win this game type. It's a good team based mode that we feel like can really spice up the multiplayer death match sprees that we always get stuck in.

Now let's talk maps.


The first map that we got to sink our teeth into was named Propaganda. This map features a snow filled stretch of buildings that are accompanied with different alleyways to flank around. Throughout this map you'll run across speakers that are loudly spewing propaganda over them. It's not very innovative and barely memorable in its play. It's fun for a few turns, with the loudspeakers providing a discordant backdrop, but pretty soon you and your friends will quit nominating it for play in your list.

Pearl Market

Next up is our favorite map, Pearl Market. This map features a maze of tall buildings that are cut across in true labyrinth style by alleyways. It feels like an old school map and it forces players to focus on different choke points in the game. You'll want to get used to areas that are easy to defend because otherwise you'll be getting shot in the back far too often. Capture the Flag works great on this level and the tall buildings provide the perfect place for rocket launchers or snipers to shoot their projectiles into the hectic street. This map also features destructible terrain that can actually be turned into gameplay enhancers. Blowing up the right walls will create a bridge to another area, creating the perfect opportunity to explore new routes and avoid getting killed in the trenches.

Lumphini Garden

This map is probably the most visually appealing of the mall. Players drop into a garden that has a waterway curtailing around it. There's a pretty grass meadow and a long bridge to dash across. In short, its the perfect backdrop for some crazy multiplayer warfare. Players tend to gravitate toward the bridge and bloodshed definitely ramps up in that area. Smarter players will avoid it all together while brave ones will come in with guns blazing. There are some trees in the back and a tall tower to set up as a sniper. This is a cool little map to play Chainlink on but it is otherwise pretty standard.

Sunken Dragon

The final map, and one destined to be the favorite of many players, is Sunken Dragon. This map is set in a gritty, urban area that features a gorgeous restaurant that is sinking down into mud. It's night time when you play this map and you'll see some wonderful ambient effects off in the background. You'll spend a lot of time fighting in the streets, weaving through skyscrapers, and fighting through the sinking restaurant itself. This is a hectic map that definitely pushes your spacial awareness to the limits. It offers a ton to do and we've found that many sessions will change in style. There is a dam that you can get to, East of the map, that will flood the main portion of the map. This will unlock jetski only areas as well as introduce war during a flood. It's a really neat way to flip the script on its head.

Along the way you'll find some new weapons and vehicles to toy around with in 'Battlefield 4: Dragon's Teeth' and the maps you get with the pack are all pretty darn good. Unlike a lot of DLC, we found that this pack brought something worthwhile at every single turn. Outside of the average 'Propaganda', everything in here is only a shade or two away from gold.

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