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18 November 2014

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Battlefield 4 Final Stand moves the fight into the grand Russian wintry landscape as the war closes in on its epic conclusion. In an effort to change the tide of the war a Pan Asian Coalition starts to take form and experimental prototype weapons enter the Battlefield. Take helm of a high-tech hover tank with versatile movement and capability to move sideways with strafing. Find the new powerful Battle Pickups: a devastating rail gun and a deadly high-speed drone.

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'Battlefield 4: Final Stand' on the Xbox One is an open world shooter video game which is the DLC expansion pack to the original Battlefield 4. The game was published by Electronic Arts and developed by EA DICE and is available as downloadable content only.

The 'Battlefield' series has always been a big earner for the developers over at EA Digital Illusions. The franchise dates back for multiple games across multiple different consoles. At every step of the way the 'Battlefield' crew has had to compete against big AAA titles like 'Call of Duty' and yet they've never backed down. Their latest entry, 'Battlefield 4', made its way to the Xbox One to immediate critical success. The game was lauded for its intense graphics, addicting gameplay, and multiple additions of quality DLC. We got our hands on the final piece of the 'Battlefield 4' DLC, 'Final Stand', and we were amazed with what we actually got out of it. Follow along to find out if you need to spend your money one more time on a game that promises so much.

A capable, killing machine..

'Battlefield 4' initially reared its head back on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The game was well received for its gorgeous graphics and thrilling multiplayer mode. The intense 32 player death matches that you could swing into online were as thrilling as any online FPS gaming ever got. Unfortunately the game still struggled with glitches, dropped frames, hacking, and the usual problems from a FPS competing in this level of marketplace. With that said, a port was always going to happen. The question that most gamers need to ask themselves is this: Should I buy the updated version for the Xbox One?

On the Xbox One 'Battlefield 4' exemplifies what we've come to demand out of our $60 AAA titles. The game is a smoothed out, prettier version of an already pretty decent game. While some of the games issues are still apparent, they have been readily remedied with DLC expansion packs. Let's first take a quick glance at 'Battlefield 4' before diving into the DLC, 'Final Stand'.

Fans of the franchise will no doubt be disappointed by the way that the single player campaign mode plays out. While most of these FPS games are made almost entirely for online play (with 'Titanfall' being the most obvious) there is still the need to package in a single player storyline. While this game does have a single player campaign, it seems like more of a throwaway mode than something that EA planned on building around. You can breeze through all of the story in about five hours and you won't find anything new along the way. The battles get stale, the story trends toward the predictable, and you'll find yourself only wanting to finish it because of the inner completionist that you are.

Looking past the campaign we can address the online multiplayer. War has never felt so hectic before. 'Battlefield 4' is seeking to be an amalgam of both the realistic shooter and the high octane arcade experience. The giant matches, creative maps, and excellent online support often sets up sweaty handed battles that will keep you from blinking for extended periods of time. It doesn't hurt that the game looks gorgeous, either.

While the multiplayer is incredible the team at EA has decided not to rest on their laurels. After a string of succesful DLC releases we found ourselves holding 'Final Stand'. This is the crowning achievement on a series of DLC done right, and we couldn't wait to see how it played on the Xbox One.

In the intervening years since the 'Battlefield 4' initially released on the 360, the times have changed. 'Titanfall' and 'Advanced Warfare' pushed FPS games into a new realm of advanced tactical movement. Giant robots, capable maneuvering devices, and smooth controls have made games like '4' feel so much more stiff, and dated. DICE sought to fix one of their best titles by adding to it with 'Final Stand'. So what do we get with this expansion pack?

In the fifth and final expansion we get to see a closing out of the War of 2020. The Pan Asian Coalition has formed and with their rise we are sent to Russia to deal with some snowy warfare, futuristic technology, and the Chinese. The U.S. has gotten their hands on special information from the Chinese that the Russians have been putting together some pretty bad and rad stuff out in Serbia. The Marines are sent in to clean the mess up.

With the expansion pack we are introduced to a pair of new weapons (Rorsch MK1, Phantom), four new maps (Karelia, Hammerhead, Hangar 21, Operation Whiteout), and most importantly four new vehicles, including the fun as heck Snowmobile. In Serbia, where there is snow and cold aplenty, the Snowmobile can give you the leg up on your competition.

The first map we got to dive into was Hangar 21. It's a tight map with tons of places to hide and it is mostly set in an industrial, urban location. It's fun and hectic and we can see why snipers are going to love it. Not revolutionary but still a fun little space. The hawk eyed fan can pick up details about what the Russians are up to, with hints being that they are working on building a Titan.

Next up we dug into Hammerhead. This is one of the biggest maps in the pack and it offers the most varied use of vehicles in the terrain. A giant space with expanses of white snow. Snowmobiles and Levkovs (giant tanks) set the tone in this one with much of the focus likely falling on Capture the Flag type game modes. It's an old school map and we really dug it.

The Giants of Karelia will likely become a quick fan favorite. It's set inside of a Bond like secret base and it has a giant railway bridge that creates moments of pure mayhem. There is a valley that tends to pull reckless fighters and there are spots high above that strategic players can utilize.

Operation Whiteout is the final map we got to play. Much like Hammerhead, it is a giant open space filled with snow. The only wrinkle here is that a blizzard rolls in to funk up most of the map. Fighting gets sloppy but that sloppiness is a lot of fun.

'Final Stand' and final thought.

On the whole 'Battlefield 4: Final Stand' on the Xbox One is far from a revolutionary piece of DLC. Instead it is something of a nice little night cap. It doesn't change the paradigm but it allows us to walk away from the experience feeling pleasantly fulfilled.

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