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27 June 2008

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Big Beach Sports drops players into a seaside resort setting where up to four players can compete in sports including volleyball, soccer, American football, bocce, disc golf and cricket. The single player tournament structure encourages players to master each sport through the use of creative control combinations and real-life sport motions. Big Beach Sports Features: Competitive Multi-Player Mode Play against up to 4 friends and family in 6 different sports. Single-Player Tournament Mode Hone your skills in the single player beach tournament. Innovative Gameplay Mechanics Fully utilizes the innovative use of Wii Remote for both casual and more advanced gameplay.

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by THQ
Release Date: 24/06/2010

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Big Beach Sports is the first attempt of THQ as a third-party publisher in the ever-increasing competition for sports compilations in the industry, brought by the huge success of Wii sports. The game is basically a compilation of six different seaside games that includes American football, volleyball, soccer, disc golf, cricket and boules. The games are basically designed to create a buzz and appeal to the Wii players with varied approaches to enjoyment, despite its lack of depth and challenging reward system.

The game’s appealing aspect begins with the controller of the Wii. The motion sensing abilities of the remote controller is the main element that provides players with the experience of real-feel when playing the game. The controller depicts the right movement in playing the game such as aiming for the hole in golf or executing a spike in volleyball.

Some of the games were given a little twist to add more fun, like disc golf which is actually golf played with a Frisbee. The players are challenged to make the right throws or moves toward the holes with different types of discs while also trying to evade trees and water. Boules is a French outdoor game very similar to the popular and classic bowling. American Football is a two-on-two, beachside variation of the football we are familiar with. Only the game of soccer is the most unlikely and unsuitable game for the motion sensing capabilities of the controller. Movement is kind of awkward even for the motion sensitive Remote, and with a terrible AI and lack of team members; this component is simply awful and boring!

The games are also built with options to play in tournaments or short events. Although the games offer pleasant diversion, the delight and hilarity is very much short-lived due to lack of depth and meager rewards. Some games like volleyball and boules are very easy to master; so easy in fact, that after a few rounds, my mates and I are consistently winning all the tournaments in the game.

The game also has option that allows you to create your own character by infusing your own style right on the main screen – you can choose a name and clothing. However, the customization option is kind of restricted and not that extensive, so don’t expect to customize your own face in the game.

Being THQ’s first crack at WIi sports, the budget constraint affected the scoring aspect of the game. You won’t see any tabulation or records of the scores you made. You may see the scores listed when you create a user profile but you cannot even compare it with other players’ scores on the same screen.

Despite the budget constraints and limited resources, Big Beach Sports is still worth checking, if only for the novelty of disc (Frisbee) golf. The wholesome selection of sports at budget price certainly has its merits. It is worthy of anyone’s time and players are bound to fall in love with the simplistic view of the overall presentation that provides fun-filled experience and keeps you and your mates momentarily occupied for short periods. If you’re up to it, you can even turn Big Beach Sports into a daily group exercise!

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