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07 October 2005

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Black & White 2 places players in the role of a powerful god, who can bless or curse the people of the land with the snap of the finger or flick of a wrist. Benevolence inspires adoration, and punishment inspires fear, but in either case, faithful followers are any god's primary resource and it is their belief and devotion that allows the deity to perform awe-inspiring acts. As in the original, individual villagers may have special prayers from time to time, posing distinct dilemmas to deities who chose to answer them. Once again, the comical, cartoonish angel and devil pop up occasionally to offer their yin and yang commentaries, and to provide insight on the practical pros and cons of both the "good" and "evil" possible solutions to a problem.

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8.7 / 10
Black & White combines elements of several different genres into one multifaceted real-time strategy game. The player becomes an ethereal overseeing presence, a true god in the game world of Ed...
by EA Games
Release Date: 06/04/2001

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Black and White was known as a game about power, wealth and control and was one of the better games in its genre in which you could do pretty much anything without any restrictions in the structure of the game. You played as a god. You built a city and destroyed it when you wanted to. And you could always make a new one when you wanted to. The whole idea was to give the player control over the game, but in Black and White 2 the amount of freedom is lessened. Since you are still a god in this game, of course you get perks, and also you need to give something in return. Perks being such things as people worshipping you and believing that one day you will do them a service like giving them a flourishing harvest. But you do not always have to be a good god, thus the name black and white. If you choose to, you can be black instead.

But the game does not rest just on the fact that you are a god who can make or break things. One of the main objectives is to make and develop a flourishing city, and, with that aim in mind, you are given a small piece of land and on this you need to establish your city and help it grow until it is big enough to attract other citizens from other cities to come and live in your city instead of their own. This absorption is considered to be a peaceful way of conquering an enemy city.

Or you can also make a city that is big enough to cater for a big population thus giving you plenty of soldiers for physically attacking an opposing nation. Furthermore, as a god governing a city, you should make a point to defend your city from conquering nations as well. Whether you establish a big city or a small one, always make sure that there are sufficient defenders for the city.

Aside from the gameplay, there are a few things that you will like about this game. For instance, the graphics are crisp and clean. The details are well established so that you can further enjoy the game.

The fact that you are a god gives you more time managing your city rather than paying attention to the story line. This is a great game for gamers who are always looking for more action and less talk. Just give me a seat and off we go.

The presence of a nameless creature or otherwise known as your right hand assistant is a good thing that keeps an eye on your cities and your armies. As a matter of this nameless creature is loyal only to you, so loyal and obedient that it will even eat up a person if you tell it to do so.

Then again we are talking about the bad points of the game, and it’s sad that a great game such as this also has things that need improvement. For instance, the effects are going to need high end computer hardware to show them off. If you cannot get that then things are going to be a bit harder for you and over time the game becomes routine and so gets boring.

Furthermore, the AI in this game is not that smart, which can be a good or a bad thing depending on the owner. If you are a veteran at games like this then you are looking for a challenge and this may be a good place to find it. If you are a newbie then align yourself with the AI and learn how to attack and defend against the computer. But overall, the game is a good buy and you will enjoy acting as a god and gaining the power of a god, even if it is just for the time it takes to play the game. All in all this game is alright but nothing special.

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