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13 November 2012

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Call of Duty Black Ops Declassified explores original fiction in the Call of Duty Black Ops universe with an all-new campaign of Special Ops missions. Optimised for gamers on-the-go, the game delivers the most intense handheld Call of Duty experience to date, including both Special Ops story mode and Multiplayer combat tailored for the PS Vita. The title features intense 4v4 multiplayer action across popular modes, along with the hallmark Call of Duty gameplay, including Care Packages, Create-a-Class, Killstreaks, Perks, and even the opportunity to Prestige.

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With major game series such as Black Ops it is usual to be able to say that each successive title builds on the strengths, and improves upon, earlier titles. In the case of Black Ops 2 Declassified there is the added problem of a move to a new platform. This game fails on both counts.

The single player campaign mode consists of missions and contains the main plot, or lack of it, and within this mode is a time trial which, as you would expect, consists of blasting every enemy in sight as fast as possible. Although these operations or missions are relatively short, they can be replayed and previous runs hopefully improved upon. The characters are mainly those we have met before in earlier COD titles, such as Frank Woods, Alex Mason and Jason Hudson, but this is not in itself such a bad thing, although they do not seem to have matured or developed in any way.

In Single Player the new Hostiles mode is much the same as COD Modern Warfare Survival mode, and consists of waves of attack, four in total, with twelve or sixteen enemies in each wave. The enemy combatants in each particular wave carry the same weapon. When all waves are defeated they respawn and again attack in waves. There are five maps in this mode, most of which are also featured in the multiplayer mode. At the completion of each map the player is set the task of recovering a care package, dropped onto the map, before the next attacking wave begins or the package itself disappears. The contents of the package is either killstreaks, ammunition or a weapon. There are seven killstreaks which as in earlier titles are in the form of increasingly powerful rewards for progressively increased number of kills.

The multiplayer presents four on four matches using WiFi and also gives the choice of play using the PlayStation Vita Party application. This mode has six maps, five of which are from single campaign, and five game modes. There are around thirty primary and secondary weapons in total, and various other useful items. There are also seven killstreaks to be earned.

The general drift of the game is lacking in anything like an organized and coherent story, and the transition to the PlayStation Vita suffers from a poor control system which cannot all be blamed on any limitations of the PS Vita itself. The AI also has problems, and while it is artificial it is not particularly intelligent, although its ability to see and shoot through or around obstacles could in other contexts be regarded as clever. It is not that the Vita in inherently not up to the task but the use of the touch screen is not sensibly adapted to the purpose. After all these complaints it is only fair to say that the game is not all bad, the problem is that it does not live up to the high standards set by previous COD titles in general.

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Dec 15, 2013

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