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30 November 2007

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In Blazing Angels 2: Secret Missions of WWII, gamers take command of several advanced WWII aircraft as they hunt down the experimental weapons of the Third Reich. Flying through the rain, snow, fog, and turbulence found above Cairo, Paris, Rome, Moscow, and the Himalayas, players must complete a variety of single-player missions to prevent construction of the ultimate weapon. By connecting to the Internet, gamers may engage the enemy in free-for-all, co-op, and squad-based gameplay with friends from their network.

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Rather than continue the story which was launched in the previous game, Blazing Angels 2 is about the dispute of the Greatest Generation with an entire new cast of characters and a set of adversaries to overpower. The game is set in the 1940s and the player will take the role of Captain Robinson who is the head of a secret team which was sent out by the American people to conquer the Nazi threat and other perilous flight conditions. Labeled as the Operation Wildcard and is functioning outside the restrictions of US law, the team was directed to do whatever it takes to complete the missions.

With 18 missions in the game, the players will be taken to different places all over the world, making their way through bombings wherein the skies are filled with jet planes, anti-aircraft fire and many more. Apparently, the practicality in both the mission of the game and armaments is taking a historic view of the combat which is varied. Yet, this is only done so to make the action adventure fast-paced and be similar to the arcade for the newbie pilots. Even if acquiring wingmen is a valuable feature of the game, particularly if you are in combat but in actuality, this feature will not work that well.

This is also applicable with respect to the access to special weaponry and enhancements that will somehow aid in the unbalance of several of the gameplay. A portion of the game will revolve around the performance of stunts and finish minor goals to earn the so-called Prestige points. These can be utilized to enhance you expertise such as improved targeting systems or perhaps, resistant plating to bullets.

The various planes found in the game are simple to handle in almost all situations. The players will have the opportunity to pick out a flight scheme that is similar to an arcade or the simulation style. Also, one can select to make use of the Sixaxis in navigating the aircraft. With the single player campaign, you will take on 18 various missions and if you are searching for a more challenging play, then you can take part in the multiplayer campaign and fight against pilots by means of the split screen, play on LAN or in the PSN. Furthermore, the multiplayer campaign has 3 mode types and these include Solo, Co-op and the Squadron.

Additionally, the visual aspects of the game are quite respectable though they do not push the system to the limits even with the use of the imagination. But, it is also interesting to see the lens flares as well as the explosions seen while on bombing runs. Also, the cut scenes provided in a comic book illustration in order to narrate the story is a remarkable addition. With regards to the sound aspect, it is not that impressive and the soundtrack is not in particular, interesting. The redundancy of the game also will obstruct the strength of the tune. Despite all these, Blazing Angels 2 is still enjoyable as ever.

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