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05 November 2010

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Blood Stone 007 story follows a brave, impetuous Bond through adventures in a series of luxuriously exotic locales, as he struggles to uncover an international conspiracy and defeat a billion-dollar scheme. The game features plot-twists, trickery, and amazing gadgets, in the style of the James Bond novels and films. Keeping with Daniel Craig's depiction of the young agent, however, high-tech devices and meticulous stealth maneuvers often make way for tactical-action gun battles and feats of deadly precision in tense situations.  Alongside the single-player adventure, gamers can compete online in team-based battles designed for up to 16 virtual super-spies and mercenaries.

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The developers have managed to portray the suave, sophisticated and resourceful side of Bond's character in this game, and although no game can possibly be as good as the best of the 007 movies, they have made a great and worthwhile effort. James is tasked with eliminating a major threat to the Greek city of Athens and, up to his usual form, he parachutes in, beats up a few opponents, borrows a speedboat and sets off in pursuit of the main enemy. The enemy is captured and that's that. But of course this mimics the movie format and is merely the introduction.

This is a fast moving blockbuster of a third person shooter, and, while perhaps the majority of time is spent shooting out, there are also situations in which more stealthy methods are required. Between shooting action scenes there are lots of equally exciting car and foot pursuits. The car chases are expertly portrayed.

To help Bond on the far flung travels needed in the counter espionage business he is issued with a Smartphone, one of the many such inventions which feature in the films. This clever piece of technology gives him a general layout of his surroundings and this miraculous device can also identify enemies, interfere with surveillance cameras and even act as humble compass. No supercool agent should be without one.

His extensive travels take him to six widely seperated locations around the globe. The adventures begin in Athens and take our hero to Istanbul, Monaco, Siberia, Bangkok and Burma, none of these scenarios would be out of place in a Bond movie. With more than average, but not the best graphics, and highly realistic sounds coupled with accomplished voice acting, the developers seem to be onto a winning formula. Don't miss this one.

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