Bodycount - Xbox 360

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02 September 2011

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Xbox 360 PS3

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Bodycount is a fast-playing first-person shooter, distinguished by fantastically powerful guns and realistically destructible battlefield environments. Nearly all objects that make up the battlefields are eminently "shreddable." From roadside slag and debris to entire buildings, the game world can be dynamically blasted to bits. Player characters can act freely, even when hiding behind cover, but enemies will destroy nearly any makeshift shield with a few well-placed rounds from the overpowered weaponry. While suitably grim, with hints of dark humour, the game world is rendered in bright, vivid, colors, all the better to view its shot-by-shot destruction. The narrative follows a mercenary squad of modern-day warriors, working for a vague organization called "The Network," broadly tasked with eliminating "Targets" from one mission to the next. Cooperative and competitive online multiplayer modes are also featured.

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