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20 March 2009

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Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars builds on the original, boasting a new and explosive narrative interwoven with the first story. After witnessing the brutal and horrifying murder of one of Paris’s richest and most influential statesmen, the player is pulled into a sinister conspiracy rooted in a long- forgotten medieval legend. Broken Sword features puzzles and brain-teasers that are woven into the narrative of the game. Players have to come up with solutions to problems that are encountered during the game in order to move forward with game play. Broken Sword takes advantage of the Wii's motion controls to introduce new, interesting puzzles.

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It must be a phenomenon that publishers have a penchant for recycling old games onto newer platforms like the Wii. I'm guessing it's a bit cheaper than starting from scratch as well as you'd possibly hook the fans of the old game as well. So another game remake for the Wii is a series with a European cult following, the Broken Sword Shadow of the Templars The Director's Cut. Surprisingly It holds it own for a 13 year old story, it boasts quite a few outstanding animation sequences and a reliable point and click game play.

In the game there are two characters you will alternately control. The pair Nico Collard (a French photo-journalist) and George Stobbart (an American tourist), work together in order to unravel a mystery whose elements include ancient artifacts and murderous clowns. As the game has an involved story line the well written script is refreshing although not especially compelling.

The pacing of the game is a little slow but fans of the genre won't really mind because they would be more interested in whether the story is engaging or not. Luckily it does have an interesting plot plus characters talking with European accents to add a little more authenticity to the game. Broken sword, like your usual mystery game, is about solving puzzles by using certain objects, what stands out however are the engaging characters and the extraordinary animation system that makes for a unique, cartoon-like experience.

There are also several mini-games, games that pop up, involving such tasks as putting torn photos back together or decrypting coded messages. These activities break up the pacing and add some variety to the game play. If you get stuck not to worry the game is equipped with a good help system.

Since this is recycled game you may think there is nothing new to draw you to the story, fortunately this being a director's cut there are never before seen chapters that fans of the genre will surely enjoy. I have played this game for many many hours already and can't get enough of it. I would highly recommend that you try this game out if you like solving mysteries.

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