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26 September 2008

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Nintendo Wii Mac

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Brothers In Arms: Double Time comes to Wii with all of the action, story and authenticity that has critics and fans eager for more. Play as Sergeant Matt Baker or Joe Hartsock, leading your squad behind enemy lines through the Normandy invasion in 31 war driven levels which will test your strategy and combat to the max.

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For those who are not familiar with the Brothers in Arms series, it usually features two things: tactical gunplay and accurate historical storytelling. Both games are quite alike as both are based on World War II settings. You take in the storyline of two men leading their squads. What makes the game unique is its being realistic and taking on a mature view of the horrors of war similarly portrayed in the mini movie series Band of Brothers. It really does give a gritty and serious depiction of war. But that was then in 2005. These days, however, one can see several problems.

Brothers in Arms involves a strategic look into gunplay so before you take on groups of enemies, you'd need to consider your moves first. With the use of Wii Remote, you can direct your squad's movements, charge enemies and suppress them. In their original game versions, the AI most often did what you intended them to do. That really gave you the sense of control of your commanding competent troops. In this Wii version, however, they don't perform as you expect them to be. To put it simply, your AI squad is a bit stupid and most often clumsy. You can command them to move into position, but they're not intelligent enough to know how to duck when enemies are firing at them.

The controls do nothing to compensate for the incompetence of your squad mates. The remote may be adequate in aiming and the Nunchuk in movement but when it comes to intense battles, they don't provide a quick response. There is a speed and sensitivity adjustment but you'll realize it really can't keep up. Gradually, you'll get more occupied with fussing about the controls instead of playing the actual game which is quite a bummer. Some gesture controlled commands like throwing grenades and doing melee attacks have been added but given the sloppy control response, you'd end up having them back fire at you leaving you disoriented.

Graphics-wise, during its heyday, Brothers in Arms were one of the best if not the best at its genre. However, you barely notice it at all from this Wii version. There isn't much improvement done with the graphics. Had it not been for circular indicators above characters heads, you wouldn't be able to distinguish a bush from a Nazi. From time to time, the game freezes, given the bad frame rate and this isn't really very good when you're in the heat of battle. This will pretty much ruin your game experience. You're better off imagining like you're in a slow motion sensation as opposed to a real time gunplay.

So to conclude, if you're searching for a good shooter game in World War II setting, don't be easily deceived by this two-game-in-one package deal. Nowadays you can get better and more recent World War II environment shooter games at the same price.

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