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10 October 2008

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Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway is the third instalment and players will stick close to the formula that made the first two great games. The gamer gets to command the squads in the middle of a territory controlled by the dreaded Nazis and thanks to fantastic graphics, the action that takes place is incredibly astounding. The character being played is none other than Sergeant Baker and his squad is a ragtag group of characters that are both endearing and tough at the same time. Although the storyline does not really follow through, it doesn’t really matter for the game is as intense as it is incredibly thrilling and the gamer is sure to forget the little hiccups for it does not do anything to the gameplay in any way.

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I bet many players would be glad if Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway was a stand-alone game despite its affiliation to the Brothers in Arms franchise. The game relies a lot on the past 2 franchises that were released in 2005, and playing the 3rd installment of the series, will eventually give you the feeling that something is missing. If it were like Final Fantasy (a long video game series that are all stand alone) then things would be nice and not to mention newbie friendly. It is like watching Harry Potter part 3 when you have not watched the first 2 instalments.

However, Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway makes up for its shortcomings.

When you start the game, you take on the roll of Sergeant Matt Baker, you are given command of your squad and your victory relies on your strategy to command and place soldiers in the right places. This is ideal if you like games that are strategic and also gives you a pass to access the action first hand. Do not worry if this is your first time, as you will be given a tutorial on how things are done and not to mention that your soldiers will also shout out some strategies for you to use whenever you get confused. In this case, you should not mistake this game as a more command and win game. Your allies will do a good job in killing once you ordered them to do the right things, but they can also screw up big time if you ignore them, so this means you should also keep an eye on them.

Things get more exciting as you are given more soldiers to command, like getting a soldier with a bazooka and another one that wields a machine gun. These units can act to give you more ideas for strategies as you can use the soldier with the machine gun to suppress the enemy and then take a new position to finish them off. Or you can use the soldier with the bazooka to blast enemies on a high place and therefore allowing you to take new grounds. With the use of your wits and only a handful of men, you can turn the tables on hundreds of enemies and that's what makes Brothers in Arms a great game.

Be aware that this game also has many things for you to do as an individual apart from commanding your soldiers to do this and that. At times, you are tasked to suppress enemies to make your soldiers accomplish your command, aside from that, you will be given situations that you need to shoot enemies yourself even if you are under fire. If you are able to accomplish your task in a great way, you will be rewarded with a slow motion camera view of what happened to the side that received your grenade.

If reality is your thing then let the sound effects and the voice over drown you. Aside from being well designed, the objects in the surroundings are all breakable and they break in a realistic manner. Not to mention that different guns yield different sounds, and also an exploding grenade near you may cause a ringing sound similar to the real thing. Bullets make that buzz sound when they nearly hit you and the noise of the war just keeps on going just like in real life. Although at times the loading of the graphics may come a bit late but this does not affect game play significantly. You may also notice that most of the places are outlined the same as that of the previous stages, but this is done to accommodate team strategy.

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