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17 March 2006

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Burnout: Revenge is the fourth game in the series and designed to offer more avenues to destruction than any of its predecessors, by featuring a greater capacity for real-time damage and car deformation, multilevel track layouts that allow players to ram their opponents from below or above, as well as from behind or in front, and a new "revenge meter" that encourages players to pay back, with interest, those who wrong them on the roads. Wreckage-prone racing occurs all around the world in this edition of Burnout, in areas inspired by real-world cities, such as Detroit, Rome, and Tokyo. A number of online modes are included as well, for properly equipped gamers who are raring to test their destructive driving skills against other human opponents.

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Burnout Revenge on the Xbox 360 is a great buy. The fast paced action is really great though sometimes because you travel very fast you will bang head first off the walls. This is a superb racer and very addictive game, you can play for hours without even feeling the slightest bit bored with the game.

The controls are simple, but because of the game is fast paced you will find a hard time controlling your car, overall it is not much of an issue and you do get used to it when you have played this game quite a bit. The graphics are great and look amazing but because of the speed you are traveling at often you overlook the true graphics in the game play.

Racing fans who crave for crashing cars and destructive explosion of steels would absolutely find this game satisfying. An addition to the Xbox 360 feature is the recording of replays that can be shared online. You can also show off your best moves in Crash Mode to other players online. This feature also allows you to save the games of your rivals. So you can take revenge against your rivals and win the game. This is one of the best features of the Xbox ever. ItÂ’s the most exciting one indeed.

I like customizing my cars thatÂ’s why I am a little bit frustrated with Burnout Revenge because I canÂ’t change other details of my cars except for the change of paint. How was that? You canÂ’t put an extra touch of your cars when in fact it is the most exciting thing to do when you have cars for real. Customizing!

Sorry car lovers. There’s a saying that goes, “you can’t have everything in this world”. You can’t have everything indeed but the tracks are really amazing. The places where the different challenges took place look great. So car lovers just stay calm and divert your chances of customizing your cars to the great tracks that are waiting for you to discover and the great fireworks of explosion to experience.

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