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31 March 2015

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Ascendance is another release in a long line of DLC packs and contains four new playable maps, these map are known as Perplex, Site 244, Climate, and Chop Shop, the game also includes "Exo Zombies Map 2" and this is part 2 of a 4-part unique Zombies experience.

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Call of Duty Advanced Warfare: Ascendance is another release in a long line of DLC packs developed by Sledgehammer Games. Call of Duty has become one of the most bankable franchises in the world and it is no wonder with how avidly people chase content from the games. Whether it is Activision or Treyarch behind the game’s production, CoD continues to be a juggernaut. We know that Advanced Warfare is a great tile and it never hurts to have more quality content. So we picked up a copy of Ascendance for play on our Xbox One after it was released in March of 2015. We found a bunch of new content, a couple of hiccups, and a pretty nifty experience. Keep reading to see if this is a DLC Pack fit for your library.

When you first track your eyes down the feature list of Ascension it is easy to think that there really isn’t much new to do here. There are four new maps, another episode of the Exo Zombies game mode, and a new weapon along with a new ability. Just reading the list doesn’t do justice to how much the content actually changes your playing experience in COD: Advanced Warfare. Let’s take a look at some of the ways this expansion has made good on its promise to make the experience a little more fun for everyone.

Similar to the Havoc DLC we got a few years ago the primary modes that most people will be playing are the core modes. Core Team Deathmatch along with the Mosh mode are probably going to be the most exciting modes that get used in this release. They have dedicated playlists for you to enjoy the content with. Hardcore modes are also here in full force with Moshpit once more taking front and center coverage. To make things more interesting the team of developers at Sledgehammer created a new playlist that exemplifies the usage of the new grappling hook. These maps are optimized for the hooks use and it allows players to experience a whole new direction of movement in the Call of Duty franchise. This was our favorite playlist to visit at least when we first got the mode though the longevity wears as you get used to the new Exo boost. While we are talking about the new hook, let’s dish on the new maps in play.

Site 244

Site 244 brings on the Mount Rushmore translation to Call of Duty. The picturesque mountain scape is there in all of its glory only there is a tad bit more radioactive waste sitting around and a whole lot more destruction. This is the site of a ruined weapons testing facility and it looks really wicked in action. There is a ton of detail here to notice, though you won’t spend time due to fighting for your life. Unfortunately this is probably one of the least impressive maps in terms of gameplay style because it really limits the amount of movement you can accomplish. There are definite paths to funnel players into certain areas. It’s a pretty map but we hate the forced chokepoints and feel like it could have been left more open in order to be more inviting.


Climate was the second map we dipped our toes into and it reminded us a lot of the first one in terms of how it played. The map is gorgeous but it has a relatively inane level design. It looks like Zoo, which is a super popular map, but feels super restricted. Again the developers push players to converge on one another, creating arbitrary choke points that don’t need to exist. Perhaps Sledgehammer did this in order to make the game more action packed when it was already an action packed series. In any even this map is an almost instant veto from us. There are only so many times we want to pile up bodies around long hallways and outside of a map quirk, involving acid, there is nothing remotely memorable here.


Our favorite map came in the form of Perplex. This gorgeous map is based around a sharp and modern looking apartment complex with modular units in varying levels of elevation. This map is located in Sydney, Australia and it definitely succeeds in emulating the feel of the country. You can see the Sydney Opera House in the background at certain angles and the ocean is full of sailboats moving around. The details are meticulous and we found ourselves taking in everything that we could. The five story building allows you to play the elevation meta game and it makes an awesome addition to the fun grapple playlist. Seriously, get your buddies and play through this map a few times. You’ll likely notice something new every time.

Chop Shop

Finally we can look at Chop Shop. This is a fairly generic map full of industrial interiors and warehouse like rooms. Nothing special we have a feeling that it was probably cut from the core game because it was just a little bit on the generic side. As DLC filler it does its job and rounds out the four maps with a familiar vibe. It’s not as interesting as Perplex or as cool looking as Site 244, but it is bloody all the same.

Rounding off the new content is the OHM Werewolf Gun and the grapple playlist. This is an SMG with shotgun capabilities that unloads energy bullets that glow a bright blue. You can switch between SMG and the shotgun with a tap of the d-pad. It’s a fun gun that changes up the gameplay without breaking it, not overpowering but also not a pushover.

Exo Zombie mode is a ton of fun, as usual. The new map, Infection, contains a burger place and a sewer system and has more than a couple of callbacks to prior entries in the zombie series. There are a ton of Easter Eggs and some more adrenaline pumping action. If only for the Zombie mode fans could be comfortable picking up Ascendance.

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