Carnival Games: Wild West 3D - 3DS

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30 March 2012

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In Carnival Games: Wild West 3D, wearing the shiniest spurs, players get in the action of 23 all-new western-themed games and attractions as they test their reflexes in the Shooting Gallery, partake in arm rasslin’ in Strong Arm, and discover why it’s good to be a Quick Draw in the Wild West!  Try your luck or test your skill in games like Outlaw Wrangler, Ricochet, Git the Gold, Shooting Gallery, Blind Man's Bluff, Posse vs. Bandits, and Nugget Falls. As you progress, you'll win tickets for virtual prizes, unlock sidekicks like a rattlesnake or armadillo, and earn coins by encountering other Wild West 3D owners via StreetPass. You can spend your winnings on spins at a slot machine, in-game clothing and accessories.


  • Developer(s):
    • Take-Two Interactive
  • Publisher(s):
    • 2K Games
  • Release Date(s):
    • 30 March, 2012
  • PEGI Rating:
    • 7+
  • Mode(s):
    • Single-player
  • Not Compatible:
    • Download Play
    • SpotPass
    • Internet
    • Local Play
  • 3D Mode:
    • Yes
  • StreetPass:
    • Yes
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Carnival Wild West is a game set to a Wild West theme in which the games are much along the lines of those to be found in side stalls at a fair or carnival. So far so good. Quick Draw and Shooting games are obvious candidates for inclusion, the first of these definitely falls in the western category, but shooting games can belong to many themes. Games of strength such as Arm Wrestling are obviously not games of strength as far as the player is concerned, nor are they exclusively of a wild western nature. Some of the other games included are Ricochet, Outlaw Rangler, Git the Gold, Shooting Gallery and Posse vs. Bandits, and although they can be fun and also have a western slant to their name are just that, games with names evocative of cowboys.

One of the useful feature of the game is the narrative. The narrator speaks in what we are quite happy to believe is a real western accent and as so is appropriate to the overall concept of the game. The narrator walks the player through all parts of the minigames, explaining how to play them, the prizes available to players as well as announcing winners. The soundtrack also has a western theme and is tailored to match the games.

In terms of a game that is really a compilation of a bunch of smaller games that could well be adapted to almost any theme it is what it is, and is no more than the sum of its parts. A more experienced gamer will no doubt find this game to be a bit lackluster and uninteresting, younger players or newcomers will find some degree of playability in it. Some of the activities inside the game are quite amusing and others seem to be there just to make up the numbers. It may be sufficient as a source of amusement on the train or to keep back seat passengers in a car amused on a long journey where the scenery is of no interest, but is certainly not good enough when there are other better games to hand or other non gaming activities to take part in, such as drawing, watching TV or reading a book.

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