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30 April 2014

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PS4 PS Vita PC

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Child of Light will see players enter the kingdom of Lemuria which is in despair. The Black Queen has stolen the Sun, the Moon and the Stars. You play as Aurora, a young princess with a pure heart whose soul is brought to the kingdom of Lemuria. Embark on a quest to recapture the three sources of light, defeat the Black Queen and restore the kingdom of Lemuria. Child of Light has entered a world of micro video games and it becomes almost a mission to become unique and stand out in the crowd. That is precisely how Ubisoft must have tackled this release on the PlayStation 4. This title is a side scrolling, 2D game that features hand painted artwork all over the screen covered with stunning scenery.

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Release Date: 03/10/2014


Technical Information

  • Required Disk Space:
    • 2GB Minimum
  • Supported Video Output:
    • 1080p
  • Game Format:
    • Digital Download
  • DualShock Compatible:
    • DualShock 4
  • Remote Play:
    • Supported
  • Engine:
    • UbiArt Framework
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'Child of Light' on the PlayStation 4 is a side scrolling 2D role-playing video game created and developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft.

It is sort of incredible how far we have come in the video game industry. It seems just fifteen years ago that there were only so many video games being made and the industry was rather closed to newcomers. If your IP didn't fit in with what Nintendo, Sony, or Microsoft was trying to do then, well, you were out of luck. Now we live in the age of independent video games, digital downloads, and crowd funded ideas. 'Child of Light' is at its core a solid representation of the new open world of video games. Created as a digital download, 'Child of Light' was made available to owners of the PS3, PS4, PC, PS Vita, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. We got our hands on the PS4 version of the game and we were absolutely enamored by what we saw when we finally got it all loaded up.

In the world of micro video games it becomes almost a mission to become unique and stand out in the crowd. That is precisely how Ubisoft must have tackled 'Child of Light'. This title is a side scrolling, 2D game that features hand painted artwork all over the screen. It is truly gorgeous and one of the most elegant video games that we have ever seen. The way that our hero breathes in the scenes, with her hair whipping behind her, is borderline magical. The music creates an aura that the painting finishes and the mythical feeling of it all pervades us so completely.

Though the game presents itself as relatively unique, at its core it is a direct homage to the early days of JRPG's. The action in the game, when in combat, is semi turn based and semi real time. We are reminded of titles like 'Final Fantasy' and old school 'Grandia'. But that doesn't mean that 'Child of Light' is a JRPG, because it really isn't. If we had to describe the game we would call it a fairy tale come to life in classic European style. The world building is borderline mythical but at the same time completely immersive.

The game opens up with you playing as a young princess named Aurora in 1895 Austria. Aurora is the daughter of a Duke that lost his mysterious wife while his daughter was still young. The Duke remarried and this may have inadvertently caused great harm to Aurora. For after the marriage, Aurora went to sleep--right before Easter in 1895. Only she never woke up. Her skin turned pale and cold as ice and she was presumed dead by everyone around her. When Aurora 'wakes up' she is in the gorgeous and mysterious realm of Lemuria. it is here that Aurora first comes across the Lady of the Forest, who she sets free. The Lady of the Forest gives the player an introduction to the land and this naturally segues into a set of missions for Aurora to complete. The Lady summons a firefly, named Igniculus, and she gives him to Aurora. The Lady tells Aurora that she must go forth and recover all of the stolen light in the world from the Queen of Darkness, Umbra. This is how our adventure begins and this is where magic truly floods the screen.

As the game is a platformer there is a heavy emphasis on environmental awareness and problem solving. As we mentioned above, Aurora isn't alone. With trusty sprite Igniculus at her side she can get pretty much anything done. If you are playing 'Child of Light' while alone you can control Igniculus and use him to help accomplish certain tasks. He can open chests, collect items, and more. If you want to play cooperatively you can have a second player locally take control of the firefly.

Though the platforming genre is crowded in the independent market you don't have to worry about 'Child of Light' becoming a tired caricature of the genre. Looking past the beautiful aesthetics, we get to see Aurora gifted with a special ability early on in the game: flight. With flight on her side Aurora can travel both vertically and horizontally. This changes the depth of the platforming segments and creates an experience that is more than a prettier version of 'Limbo'.

While Aurora's adventure is fundamentally one of strategy and technique, there is plenty to keep action fans interested. As we stated above there is semi real time combat interspersed throughout the various hand painted segments. Once Aurora runs into a dark beast the game seamlessly transitions into a turn based battle. Instead of trading menu attacks back and forth, players are instead given a timing based battle system. It's a little complicated to explain, but very intuitive when you get thrust into the battle zone. To put it simply: battles possess a track that shows your avatar and your opponent on it. Your stats decide how quickly you move upon the track and whenever you hit 'cast areas' you are able to pick a move to attack your opponent. Your attacks don't take up 'mana' or 'magic', they instead take up time. A quick attack is only considered a 'short' action, whereas your magic attacks are considered 'large'. This means that you get fewer swings in on your opponent. This brings an element of real time strategy to play, with a heavy emphasis being on the time.

While we are discussing the battle system it is worth noting that elements play a role in battle. certain elemental attacks are more effective against certain types of creatures. It doesn't get as crazy as 'Pokemon' does with the advantage system, but it is definitely something to pay attention to as you move forward in the game. As the monsters get stronger you will want to make sure to take advantage of anything you can.

'Child of Light' on the PlayStation 4 is a beautiful game that brims and boils over with character and love of the craft. Aurora is a deeply moving protagonist and the land of Lemuria is one that we found to be full of magic. 'Child of Light' is perfectly worth a spot on your hard drive.

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May 24, 2014

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