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26 October 2007

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Clive Barker's Jericho is a supernatural shooter that has players leading a diverse strike force against an ancient evil. The seven-person squad, known as the Jericho Team, is armed with more than conventional weapons. Each male and female soldier is an expert in the arcane arts, from clairvoyance and alchemy to exorcism and blood magic, allowing the team to solve puzzles and to more easily defeat a ghastly assortment of hell-spawned creatures hoping to make Earth their new playground. Levels will send the squad through the following five eras in its ongoing battle to stop the primordial armies: modern day, World War II, the Crusades, Ancient Rome, and Sumerian times.

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The game has a hefty amount of direction from Clive Barker, renowned horror writer. The story has to do with another race of creature, known as the first born, created before Man. This creation attempt failed, and God stashed the failure away from humanity in another dimension. ThatÂ’s not the end of the story, though, as the first borns occasionally break into this dimension. When they do, the Jericho squad is there to send them back to their Hellish universe. As leader of that squad, Ross, youÂ’ll lead your team of five Jericho team mates through time to stop the enemy.

As your team proceeds through the game, you have the ability to switch between playing any of them at will. This leads to the most interesting gameplay dynamic in the game, which is that every character has unique abilities and play style for you to switch between. This gives players the chance to discover which skills they will use the most to fit their style of play, and thereby use that character the most. The method the game uses to teach all the different skills of the six will allow you to pick these talents up naturally as you play, not rushing you to gain talent in six different areas. Once you get them down though, the wide range of options open to you is staggering.

When youÂ’re not playing them, however, your team mates are controlled by the AI, which leads to some of the most troublesome parts of playing this game. Your team mates arenÂ’t exactly horrible at fighting, but the level design and the gameplay style for the game itself donÂ’t allow your team mates to live. What youÂ’ll continually find are levels that have no cover available for characters, and enemies that run up on your team and explode. These enemies can take a lot of fire, too, which usually ends with it getting close enough to blow half of your team apart when you take it down. Without any cover, your entire team is repeatedly left in a group in the open, and becomes cannon fodder when those enemies come charging. ItÂ’s an annoying system in a game that has such good potential.

ItÂ’s seeing that potential that makes the game so difficult to play through and handle. One the one hand, the idea of your squad is implemented so incredibly well, with each character feeling, and playing, like an individual. On the other hand, so much of the game is spent healing your characters after they have had a run-in with even a few of the enemy demons, that it continually saps the fun out of the gameplay experience. Overall, if you can handle being frustrated, Clive BarkerÂ’s Jericho has a lot of fun new elements to be enjoyed, in addition to the horror experience.

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