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11 September 2009

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Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs the video game is based on the Sony Pictures Animation movie, and on the best-selling children’s book about food falling from the sky. Gameplay is a fun-filled adventure where kids can engage in a hilarious food fights and have fun with food in a way that they can’t in real life. Flint must explore his surroundings, search for useful parts, solve location-based platform puzzles, and even do battle against mutant food, in order to figure out how to stop his own invention (which, as it so happens, is the source of the rogue comestibles). By collecting and combining gadget parts, Flint can create devices to help him out of tight spots, as well as weapons to fling food at approaching enemies.

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Nintendo DS


You will take a move on Flint Lakewood who is a wild scientist and he will be searching for great discovery. His most recent creation is a satellite that turns up food and rains in portions to his hometown which is Swallow Falls. It’s up to you and Flint to dig Swallow Falls and sort out the mess when the food generator runs out of control. There are other characters that will not be highlighted in the game that will be helping you in your missions.

You will notice that the game has a very short introduction and it is in a slideshow style. In the introduction the characters are dropped in the town that is covered in ice cream and they have no protective clothing safe for the hair dryer and a white lab coat. Flint will transform the hairdryer into a heat gun. He will use the heat gun to melt the ice cream, obstacles and the other delicacies as the game begins there is only one equipment but as it progresses there is availability of other set of tools and each of them plays a specific role.

In an instance Flint will need to jump on the roof top and he cannot reach the ridge so he will use a fork to pick up a piece of the jello and place it at the ridges’ front and he will the spring up to the platform. You may have to use the heat gun to melt some ice cream so that you can use the glove to crash the rest of the ice cream. Stylus is what is used to control the movement in this game. When the stylus point to a direction all Flint does is follow towards that direction. When you want to fork or smash items all you need to do is tap on the stylus. You will use the stylus for any movement in the whole game.

The challenges in the game are short and you will soon wrap up with it entirely. You will keep playing until you get used to its controls and all it involves. You will find the repetition annoying at times because of the monotony. You will like for example find it boring, at some point Flint is killed by a conscious food item and he pops back to life at the same point an gets on with the game, it would look more realistic if he popped out at some other location. Even when you upgrade the tools, nothing more thrilling happens, it’s the same old story.

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs is neither interesting nor inventive but it is a great game for kids because they do not look at all the unrealities in the game. If however the child plays repeatedly, it will turn out to be boring.

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