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01 September 2005


Colin McRae Rally 2005 on the PSP delivers a taste of what it’s like to be a world class rally driver, with realistic handling and physics. The game contains 5 environments, from 9 countries: UK, Greece, Japan, Australia, USA, Spain, Finland, Sweden and Germany. Over 30 rally cars, including such all-time classics as the Audi A3 3.2 Quattro and the fearsome Lancia Stratos. Play with up to 7 other players in Wireless mode.

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The first great thing about this game is the different modes that players can choose from. Players can play a full championship season, or individual tracks, as well as against up to seven other players through local Wi-Fi. Playing through one of the championships available allows players to unlock new cars, new levels, and different performance upgrades for their rides.

The different numbers of vehicles is another feature that puts this title in front of the pack. From 2005 top-of-the-line vehicles, to more classic rides like a 1960's time period Mini Cooper, a huge number of rally cars are included, despite not being licensed by the World Rally Championship. These cars all have realistic physics that aren’t quite true-to-life in order to make driving them a little simpler, but its close enough that they end up being difficult at top speeds.

Another feature that this game has that makes it truly stand out is the realistic damage that your cars can undergo. Smashing into a wall or a boulder at a hundred miles an hour will crumple portions of your car, making it perform differently, and generally worse than it would have otherwise. Your car can even suffer so much damage that the engine stops working. This level of realism allows you to immerse yourself into the game much more than other titles provide.

The maps that are available are diverse, visually interesting, and filled with fun stuff. There are a number of different road surfaces, all of which interact differently with the different cars at different speeds. There’s also a bunch of different weather conditions which affect the physics, and tons of different hairpin turns, jumps, and twists on each level.

There is one issue with the game, and that is the way the screen sometimes appears when you’re moving at top speed. The PSP screen can’t always refresh fast enough to keep up with the action, leading to ghosted images on the screen that cause the map you’re racing on to appear blurry for a period of time. This doesn’t take away enough from the game to make it unplayable, just annoying.

There are so many good things about Colin McRae Rally 2005 Plus that there isn’t enough room here to discuss them all. We didn’t even get into how realistic the sense of speed that the game provides is, or how the different settings that can be modified on your cars, like tire types or suspension settings, will let car simulation nuts go wild. What it comes down to is if you like racing at top speed in a realistic setting with realistic physics, then this is one game for the PSP that you pretty much have to have.

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