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02 October 2009

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In Combat of Giants: Dragons, it’s up to you to recover the stolen gems and reunite the Dragon kingdom!  Long ago war ravaged the mystical land of Tammabbukku when humans attacked the dragons attempting to steal the beautiful gems from which they draw their power. Left weak and drained the noble dragons withdrew into the far corners of the land dividing the remaining gems by their elemental powers of air earth water and fire.

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Lowly Worm

Nintendo DS


This games story is basically about the King Dragon inventing and creating a Dragon World. So that humans will not all get involved in the Dragon Business. There is a lot of Dragon language used I the story like the Dirga and Tamabukku. The Evil Dragon takes over the World, and your job here is to Collect Dragon energy to use your Dragon Moves to salvage the Dragon Town. The story looks and feels quite supernatural because it is explained in bogus words used by the some characters like the Ka’Izi. The game has some ancient funk music played as you go about picking the Dragon element. You will be creating wind an earth, fire or even ice dragon. These all look the same because when you customize the options are much fewer. Each of the elements has additional extra effect.

There is increased health restoration, increased damage, so you have much variety of plans to choose from. The games main limitation is the limited forms of customization. The fact that when you play you customize, the entire elements look alike with very little variation in colors. Like you will find that the few options there are too related to each other. I would just like to see more customization. I have played a lot of games in the past and I feel that I was very limited with Combat of Giants Dragons. I don't know if anyone else feels the same way, but for me this game just seemed to be a massive let down. I would rate it 4 out 10!

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Mar 11, 2014

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