Costume Quest 2 - Xbox One Cheats

Unlockable Achievements.

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Costume Quest 2 Xbox One Achievements.

Complete the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points within the game.

45 Card Pickup (50 points): Collected all Creepy Treat Cards.
Assault and Bashery (50 points): Bashed 10 Monster Patrols.
Beating Crow (50 points): Mastered all combat techniques from Corvus.
Breakdance Broker (50 points): Got the liberty kids to bust a move.
Candy Cornucopia (50 points): Collected over 4 thousand candies.
Cosmonaut (50 points): Found the Solar System.
Counter Feat (50 points): Defeated Ophirion.
Creepy Card Shark (50 points): Tried every Creepy Treat Card in combat.
Cryptozoologist (50 points): Found the Wolfman.
Fashionista (50 points): Tried on 5 different costumes.
Flippity Flaps (50 points): Used the Pterodactyl Costume to flap 10 flappy things.
Gathering the Magic (50 points): Used every costume special in combat.
Hallo-winners (100 points): Restored the timeline to save Halloween.
Hardcorn Mode (100 points): Finished the game having fought every battle with Candy Corn in your party.
Krono Trigger (50 points): Defeated Kronoculus and his Kronys.
Mod Culture (50 points): Upgraded 3 costumes.
Quest Love (50 points): Completed all quests in the game.
The Clown That Honked 1000 Ships (50 points): Used the clown horn 1000 times.