Crash Time III - Xbox 360 Cheats


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Crash Time 3 Xbox 360 achievements.

Carry out the following tasks to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:-

A Fast Career (50 points) Achieve 50 % game progress.
A Long Way (30 points) Drive uninterrupted on patrol for 30 minutes.
A Matter of Speed (15 points) Drive at 280 kph for 15 seconds.
Amateur (50 points) Win 10 single races.
Becoming a Legend (75 points) Achieve 75 % game progress.
Change of Scene (20 points) Change the scenario 10 times.
Clean Lap (25 points) Drive a whole lap without causing any damage.
Close Encounters (15 points) Crash into traffic 100 times.
Discount Tickets Collector (30 points) Collect 1,000,000 discount tickets.
Driving on Eggshells (75 points) Win a race without causing damage.
Garage Owner (20 points) Unlock all cars.
Got it! (20 points) Unlock all single race tracks.
Into the Past (8 points) Drive backwards for 200 m.
Junk (15 points) Turn your car into scrap metal.
Long Jump (50 points) Jump over a distance of at least 100 m.
Offroad King (50 points) Race 30 Laps on the Autobahn 4x4-Club-Circuit.
Pro (100 points) Win 50 single races.
Progress (25 points) Achieve 25 % game progress.
Race King (50 points) Race 30 Laps on the Autobahn Cobra-11-Circuit.
Road Rage (20 points) Make 100 vehicles explode.
Supercop (100 points) Achieve 100 % game progress.
Swashbuckler (10 points) Destroy 10 opponents.
Test drive (30 points) Take every car out for a test drive.
The Bomb (15 points) Destroy 1,000 objects.
The Two-Wheeler (10 points) Skillfully remove at least 2 wheels.
Track Tester (30 points) Drive on every track available in single player mode.