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24 September 2010

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Darksiders combat is supernaturally infused, taking place across great expanses of land as well as high in the air, with fast-flowing combos, impossibly huge medieval weapons, and destructive blasts of magical energy from mystical firearms. The game is a gruesome, violent, fast-paced combat adventure inspired by the New Testament's Book of Revelation. Players take the role of War, the first of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, who was tricked into breaking the eternal laws. The game follows his story as he fights across the destroyed civilizations and wildernesses of Earth, hunted by vengeful angels and gleeful demons.

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If what Darksiders says is to be believed, then the end of the world isn't necessarily going to happen by a strange burst of burning white light. Rather, it will be signalled by the arrival of very angry winged angels and some arbiters or doom, wearing really heavy armour, that signal the doom of mankind and the world as you know it.

This may seem like an unoriginal amalgam of so many elements that you may have encountered in other games before, it may be unoriginal but it does bring about a whole lot of hilarity with it. However unoriginal it may seem, that really is of little consequence. In this game you play the character of war, who is one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. He may not be the most engaging character that you will ever meet but that isn't really a very big deal in this game seeing as its main concern is brutality and some flashy combat rather than good story telling. You get to ride a steed that looks otherworldly as you fight a ferocious and ravenous worm. You also go around beating the crap out of demons with your colourful collection of blades.

Oh yes, you know when you are for some campy good times when you spot otherworldly horses and ravenous worms on the screen. But in addition to the demon carving and the like, you also get to enjoy some very tricky but ultimately satisfying puzzles of the environmental kind. This is a great game for those people who just really are in the mood for some straight-out combat and melodramatic fights. It is very fast paced and a very colourful romp as well. While the end of the world may be a very depressing thing to think about, this game makes it rather enjoyable. That may sound freaky but when you think about it, there have been plenty of games that play at the end of the world. But while this story does make for a rocking good time, the story doesn't take very long to descend into absurd territories.

The tale may seem too simple at times but it is also sincere so it does seem like you are indeed playing a hodgepodge of games. You will like this game if you take this game for what it is. It is nothing too serious. It does not have a very concrete story line but that is not its main concern at all. It aims to give you funny looking characters and some really violent battles that will leave your heart pumping. Never mind if the story sort of sucks, but when you play games like these, you cannot really expect too much from the storyline.

So if you buy this game, do not expect too much from the story; and yet, just sit back and just enjoy the game play. There is nothing more fun than slashing some works and some strange looking demons to death, right? You can really get your blood pumping with this game.

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