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24 September 2010

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Dead Rising 2 brings you a new hero, a new location, and more zombies than before. This open-world beat 'em up lets you craft weapons, meet with fellow survivors, and deal with all the threats of the zombie apocalypse. You will be taking on the walking zombies who plague the streets of Fortune City, based on real life Las Vegas, to keep himself and his daughter safe. Up to 7,000 zombies are on the open streets in the game at any one time. You don't have to deal with each one individually, but you can easily mow them down, plow through them, or punch your way to victory. Much like the first game, "Dead Rising" lets you use almost anything in the environment as a weapon to keep yourself safe.

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Chuck Greene has a very big problem. His darling little daughter has been bitten by a zombie years back and now requires a daily dose of Zombrex (hmmm… I know a certain movie with this kind of drama) a drug that prevents bitten victims from turning into the living dead. There is another problem though, dear Mr. Greene has been framed for unleashing zombies into Fortune City. He has a dying daughter and a legal issue. Poor, poor guy. If I were him I had just killed the daughter to save her from the agony, and had fed the framer to the hungry zombies.

Little has changed from Dead Rising since it was first released years ago, except for the protagonist. Chuck is much more relatable and earns our sympathy more than the brute Frank West. You still slice your way through ghoulish zombies – monsters, take care of dangerous psychopaths, and uncover a not – so – secret, secret about the truth. This game maintains its entertainment value very well that you can end up blowing off heads for hours without you even realizing it.

Still, the game is flawed. The loading screens can and will put you off on the most adrenaline pumping moments. It’s like come on mate, I was getting into it! Precision is an issue, and driving cars is a real challenge if you plan to drive over zombie meat. Dead Rising 2 is a bit easier than the first release, you have been warned.

An innovation for the game is the ability to combine certain objects to create a new weapon. You can duct tape an axe onto the end of a broom to use it as a sort of long range defense offense weapon to get rid of the undead. There are other goofy combination's in the game, all you need to have is creativity. Combo cards you pick along the game unleashes the full potential of your created weapons by giving them special attacks.

Every objective has a time limit, finish it or else, suffer the dire consequences. Dead Rising 2 is far from the perfect survival horror game. It serves its purpose well thanks to the great weapon creation system and the fast pace of the objectives, but the controls just makes everything difficult for me (at least). The load screens and controls just kill it for me though. So, the final say: grab a copy and tell me what you have to say.

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