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24 September 2010

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Dead Rising 2 is all about one man against a swarming horde of hungry zombies and how that one man survives by creatively using everyday objects to perform acts of great and gratuitous violence against these slow-but-relentless pursuers. The hero of Dead Rising 2 is a former pro motocross rider named Chuck Greene, who finds himself in the fictional entertainment capital of Fortune City when the zombie outbreak hits there. The open "sandbox" adventure does not play out in a shopping mall as the first Dead Rising, but the Las Vegas-like setting of the city provides ample walkways and plenty of open, consumer-oriented spaces, which quickly fill with hungry walking dead. This sequel is designed to accommodate as many as five or six thousand zombies on screen at once.

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Dead Rising was 1st released more than 4 years ago and it was built on the foundation of being set loose in a town full of flesh eating,, mindless zombies. With the release of Dead Rising 2 recently pretty much the same elements that made the original game a success has been retained. You still slice your way through monsters to save the poor survivors, dispose of dangerous psychopaths, and reveal the truth on how things came out to be that ghastly. However, the developers failed to improve on the known weaknesses of the Dead Rising. The loading screen breaks up the great pacing the game has, the action controls are quirky but more so with the driving controls. Still, the game is entertaining by its own right that these shortcomings are easy to forgive.

Our protagonist Chuch Greene has a big problem. His daughter has been bitten by a zombie years back and now requires a daily dose of Zombrex, a drug that prevents bitten victims from turning into zombies. Adding to that is that he was framed for unleashing zombies on Fortune City. He has a dying daughter and a serious, legal issue. His character is very far from the brash Frank West of the previous game, making you feel sympathetic towards Chuck.

The biggest innovation added to Dead Rising 2 is the ability to combine objects to create a new weapon. Think of it as synergism. You can duct tape an axe onto the end of a broom to use it as a sort of long range defense/offense weapon to get rid of the undead. There are other goofy combinations in the game, all you need to have is creativity. Also, combo cards you pick along the game unleashes the full potential of your created weapons by giving them special attacks.

The destruction this game has is balanced with the mission objectives. Every facet of this game is entertaining, whether you are fending off psychopaths, rescuing survivors, or trying to find hidden secrets, you are ensured a good time. The weapon creation system is very rewarding as well. There may be a lot of horror – survival games with zombies in them, but Dead Rising 2 offers more than mindless violence, it is a great sequel to one of the most original games.

I have had a lot of fun playing this game I would still recommend it others.

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