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21 February 2014

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Dead Rising 3: Chaos Rising continues with episode 3 of the Untold Stories of Los Perdidos and puts you in control of renegade biker Hunter Thibodeux who must escape from prison, seek revenge on those who put him there and fight for control of his gang. This new side story features a new mission, 5 new weapons, 1 new combo weapon, 1 new vehicle, and a new clothing outfit, plus additional Gamerscore and the ability to carry PP (XP) back to DR3.

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'Dead Rising 3: Chaos Rising' on the Xbox One is a horror style video game developed by Capcom and published by Vancouver Microsoft Game Studios.

The 'Dead Rising' franchise has been almost universally revered for its over the top, bloody and goofy interpretation of the Zombie Apocalypse. The game opened with 'Dead Rising 1' which put our hero in a mall. It focused heavily on crafting absurd weapons and bashing in as many zombies as possible. Now over five years later we are looking at 'Dead Rising 3'. This third game seeks to push the limits that the others had only established. With a renewed focus on story and crafting, 'Dead Rising 3' quickly became one of the better Xbox One exclusives to hit the market back in November of 2013. Despite the long campaign and general replayablity, fans wanted more. As a result a whole slew of DLC packs have been released. We got our hands on 'Chaos Rising' in order to see if they expanded the world or tainted it.

Motor Cycle Gangster in Hell...

One of the biggest complaints that fans have had in relation to 'Dead Rising 3' is the fact that it does not have any honestly interesting characters. Our protagonist from the initial game, Nick Ramos, is rather boring in the grand scheme of things. He firmly believes in doing right no matter what the situation and we never, ever, see him with any sort of moral ambiguity. He's a 'Gary Stu' and one that quickly becomes tiring to care about.

With the aforementioned complaint lodged firmly between their ears, Capcom decided to bring out some DLC with a new more colorful character. 'Chaos Rising' follows a motorcycle riding gangster by the name of Hunter. Before it all hit the fan he was the second in command of a biker gang called 'The Kings of Chaos'. He is a welcome change of pace to Nick Ramos, and some of the other DLC characters, and we are immediately put on our toes when we assume his role when the DLC starts off.

The game begins with you in a prison cell. Hunter was framed and thrown into jail for a crime he didn't commit. Now that zombies have started to overtake the city it seems like his persecution is no longer a priority. Using the Apocalypse as a second lease on life, Hunter determines that he is going to escape from his cell and get vengeance on all of the little people that put him there. That's right. In the midst of the chaos in 'Dead Rising', Hunter is thinking about punishing the people that hurt him. Talk about single minded.

While the game goes out of its way to make Hunter more sympathetic than other bike riding gangsters, the effect wears off pretty quickly. Sure he may have been framed and tossed into jail, but that doesn't mean he didn't deserve to be there for other crimes. Hunter is a merciless killer that could care less about the conventional morals of modern man. He wants what he wants and he isn't afraid to go out and get it. Hunter is as opposite of Nick as you can get. His mindset lets you play the game with a bit of a different style. You don't have to tread water and tiptoe around problems, you're a gangster! Take your bat to any issues and roll right through them.

Despite the amped up new storyline that develops around Hunter, gamers will quickly realize that they aren't exactly experiencing something new. The fundamental gameplay of the DLC is mirrored almost exactly by what we were used to in the original game, only on a smaller scale and with a more interesting character.

You will spend most of your time in 'Chaos Rising' attempting to take out the four bosses that put you into a jail cell. This story of vengeance is pushed forward by a host of missions and more than your fair share of side quests. You'll spend lots of time driving around the city on your sweet bike collecting items and getting them to the right place. While we hesitate to call these quests exciting, there is some aspect of driving around on our Harley that we really liked. The story based missions are simple but they push the content of the game forward.

For your side quests you'll be spending time doing many reverse-mirrored quests that Nick had already done. You'll destroy old emergency phones. You'll hunt down every single biker that you run across as if Jax Teller was there with the rest of the Sons of Anarchy. Along this path of bloodshed you'll be collecting the rings that these gangsters wear. It's not inventive and it definitely isn't unique. But Hunter isn't a complicated guy and these simple 'kill 'em and bash 'em' missions seem in line with the character.

The DLC culminates when you acquire a special razor blade mounted motorcycle from your buddy, Torque. The bike looks like something out of a hellacious version of 'Pimp My Ride' and were' positive that it isn't street legal. The chopper is armed with a host of razor blades on the front end of the bike that chop through any zombies that get in your way. Along this same line you'll also come into a few biker themed new weapons that will aid you as you seek to get your final vengeance out of the way. One of the most (laughable) interesting items is the spiked biker helmet. Yeah, Hunter actually wears it and head butts zombies or people in order to take them out. Like we said, he's not a complicated guy.

Despite Hunter's toughness and the assorted new weapons, you'll spend most of your time simply traveling. Many of the quests involve a lot of waiting and the gang boss challenges don't feel particularly difficult until the tail end of the DLC. We applaud the team for developing an interesting character to play as while at the same time we wish they would have done more with him. In any event, the experience is definitely interesting so we have to suggest it to fans of the game.

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