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Dead Rising 3: Fallen Angel contines with episode 2 of the Untold Stories of Los Perdidos and features the infected "illegal" Angel Quijano, fighting to keep her group of survivors safe from a sinister government plot while battling her own demons. This new side story features a new mission, 5 new weapons, 1 new combo weapon, 1 new vehicle, and a new clothing outfit, plus additional Gamerscore and the ability to carry PP (XP) back to DR3.

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Dead Rising 3: Fallen Angel on the Xbox One is a horror style video game developed by Capcom Vancouver and published by Microsoft Game Studios.

The 'Dead Rising' series has been getting a bit of flack for its lack of pulpy material. The franchise has always veered on the side of 'outrageous' and this goes all the way back to the initial cult hit in the series. For a game that started out with a man in a suit slashing zombies in a mall with a katana, things have sure gotten out of control. 'Dead Rising 3' made its debut on the Xbox One and it immediately became one of the more successful launch titles. Despite some issues with consistency in the story line, the game played well enough to keep fans hook. Now the DLC packs have begun to come out and fans are lining up to get some more. 'Fallen Angel' reached our desk and with it the first lead female protagonist of the XB1 'Dead Rising' generation. We took a look to see if the hype was warranted.

A little more of the same...

In the vanilla version of 'Dead Rising 3' we play as Nick Ramos. He's a poor mechanic with a heart of gold that is desperately trying to save who he can during the zombie outbreak that is occurring in Los Perdidos. If you yawned reading that sentence then we wouldn't blame you. For a solid game, Nick is a pretty terrible hero. So when we found out that 'Fallen Angel' would seek to put a tough female lead in our control, we couldn't have been more excited.

Meet Angel. She is one of the strongest members of the 'Illegals Organization'. This group, or gang, is part of the resistance against the powers that take hold in the post zombie infested Los Perdidos. She's an out and out hero despite the fact that she is waving two SMGs while tatted from head to toe.

The goal of the 'Illegals Organization' is to subvert government surveillance while helping to create safe zones through the city. Angel is one of the legitimate good guys in this DLC expansion pack. Her goal throughout the story is to help those in need while also pushing back against the powers that keep down the regular folks. For being the first controllable female in the history of the franchise, Angel sets the bar pretty high. She's not intrinsically unique but the fact that she is so thoroughly fleshed out makes up for that fact.

Angel could easily fall in with a host of tropes if it weren't for the character flaws that so readily present themselves. Despite her good heart and efforts to fix everything she is still fundamentally a broken individual. She suffers from severe alcoholism, and this fact carries over into the direct storyline, and she's already lost so much because of the viral outbreak. Angel is seen briefly in Nick's version of 'Dead Rising 3' but we only ever get a glimpse of her. It's nice to finally dig into her past and explore the future of her world.

For those looking for an expansion that will provide you with hours upon hours of gameplay, you might do best to keep on looking. 'Fallen Angel' has a storyline that consists of about an hour of gameplay. Where we got off to a good start with Angel, we quickly fall back in line with the things that weigh the series down. This DLC pack suffers from the same problems that Nick did, only we paid extra to get our hands on them.

Your goal as Angel is pretty similar to that of Nicks, only a bit more focused. You'll be working for the 'Illegals' and taking on whatever missions they shove in your direction. From there you'll be on the look out for survivors, new safe bases, and overrun areas. You pretty much are an Angel but you are dressed as an outlaw and armed to the teeth. And oh yeah, Zombies are there too.

Despite the fact that you have an NPC companion, by the name of Doug, you'll still feel mostly alone as you push through the storyline. Though the missions consist of you doing rather simple errands, the way that it is structured does help it feel a little smoother. As you move through the city your various checkpoints will guide you to where you need to go. Don't worry about getting lost and having to double back through terrain that rapidly starts to blend together. Your missions will keep you on course and soon you'll be seeing new areas that you may not have otherwise found like the sewers.

As part of the 'Illegals' the guys at Capcom gave Angel a few unique little side abilities. Angel is completely against the oppressive government and you can show that by ripping down propaganda posters and burning them. Along the way you'll run into security cameras, the eyes of the government. Destroy them as well and you'll feel better for it. Outside of those gameplay asterisks you'll also get your hands on a few new weapons, including the easy to fall in love with double machine guns.

The fundamentals of 'Fallen Angel' do not push us in any sort of new direction. In fact, the story itself isn't even largely that good. We found Angel to be a likable character with an under utilized story. The fact that the DLC will only last you an hour if yo push through it is borderline unforgivable for a $10 purchase on top of the initial $60 you likely spent for the vanilla game. The gameplay quirks that are offered feel more like a mea culpa than actual content and on the whole we finished the game feeling rather bummed out.

So for fans of the series we can't strongly suggest downloading this DLC, despite Angel's strong character traits. Instead we would push fans to hold out for some better DLC in the future. But if you DO have to download the game then just be aware that it won't leave you full.

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