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21 January 2014

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In Dead Rising 3: Operation Broken Eagle , episode 1 of the Untold Stories of Los Perdidos puts you in control of Spec Ops Commander Adam Kane on a mission that challenges everything he believes – capture the missing President of the United States. This new side story features a new mission, 5 new weapons, 1 new combo weapon, 1 new vehicle, and a new clothing outfit, plus additional Gamerscore and the ability to carry PP (XP) back to DR3.

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'Dead Rising 3: Operation Broken Eagle' was developed by Capcom Vancouver for release on the Xbox One as an exclusive launch title. Released in November of 2013 the game quickly went on to become one of the more popular launch games. Featuring the giant sandbox/open world that we've grown to love and powered by the advanced hardware of the Xbox One, we had a hard time putting the game down. Still, all courses will eventually run themselves dry and 'Dead Rising 3' was no exception. So as a way to revitalize our enjoyment, Capcom Vancouver decided to release an array of 'episodic' DLC pieces that focus on new characters that attach to the larger, overarching story. While many of the DLC packs have been considered bad, at least by the bar that Capcom sets, we held out hope for 'Operation Broken Eagle'.

Redefining the word 'shoot out'.

Welcome to the Untold Stories of Los Perdidos. In the four different DLC packs that will be released we get the chance to meet and live in the shoes of a variety of different survivors that all exist while Nick is aimlessly working through his own issues. We've met Nick Ramos, now it is time to put on the shoes of Adam Kane.

Adam Kane is a military op who has been sent into the infested Los Perdidos to take care of a top secret mission. Things don't go perfectly for the super soldier and you can stop us if you've heard this one before. The power of 'Dead Rising' has never been in its interesting character arcs so off of the bat we are willing to forgive Capcom for delivering us more of the same. What we are really interested in is how the episode furthers our enjoyment of a title that we paid so much to get at launch date.

Our story starts when Kane and his guys crash land in their helicopter in Los Perdidos. Guns come up pretty much instantly as you can imagine that an explosion would attract some not so friendly people and the equally unfriendly zombies. Fortunately for us, Kane and his guys are pretty skilled when it comes to handling their weapons. From that point on we push through a variety of missions that advance thanks to cinematic cut scenes and quick player to NPC interactions.

Whiel the game itself is set before Nick gets to work, it still is attached to the bigger story line at large. There are hints of things to come and tips for things to look out for in the future. The bulk of this DLC doesn't spend its time waxing philosophical about what it is and instead commits to what it does best: killing.

Adam Kane lands on the ground as a man with a mission and there is virtually nothing that will set him aside from his course. 'Operation Broken Eagle' focuses on one of the toughest characters in the 'Dead Rising' franchise but he is also equally uninteresting. The fact that he is a complete commando who is dead set on his mission, without any real character flaws turns him into a sort of walking robot. How can we really get into his conflict when the man hos no internal conflict of his own?

We may be acting too harshly towards the commando. After all he is sent on a pretty tough mission and he is armed with clear cut orders. His goal is to find the President of the U.S. and to bring him back to safety. Anybody that gets in the way is considered dead meat, and this includes the group of 'Illegals' that serve to fight back against the oppressive government that Adam Kane works for. We get to inhabit the boots of these 'Illegals' in a later DLC patch in the form of a female character by the name of Angel, but we don't get to see her here and that's too bad. It would have been nice to see two characters that are fundamentally good go toe to toe in order to complete their equally honorable missions.

Most fans won't even think twice about the lack of story based direction. Instead the casual fan will fall in love with some of the newest in zombie slaying technology. Our new favorite was the chaingun, which almost doesn't need any explanation. But we'll give you one. This long barreled gun shoots at an incredible rate of fire and it is capable of virtually cutting anything in half.

Outside of projectile weapons you'll also get your hands on a nice shield and a gritty axe to do your dirty work. The shield works great when you confront human characters and an axe to the head has always been the cure for a bad case of Zombie-ism. Kane wields both weapons capably along the way to completing his mission.

Outside of weapons we do want to mention the Armadillo. This is a light tank with a minigun attached to the top of it. One of your side quests will lead you into contact with the vehicle and we strongly suggest taking it for a ride. Not until Hunter's motorcycle, in later DLC, do we get a vehicle as enjoyable to ride.

Kane is relatively focused in his missions and this keeps the run time of the episode down to a paltry 45 minutes. The $10 you spend on this episode begin to feel awfully hefty once you realized that you actually played through it all in the time span it would have taken you to watch an actual episode of a television show. There is also no cooperative play in this DLC.

The fun in 'Operation Broken Eagle' exists pretty much continuously throughout the missions. While Kane is uninteresting as a character, he is truly built to destroy zombies. The lack of coop and the short run time leave a bitter taste in our mouth. So even though we enjoyed our time with the episode, we can't suggest it as a valuable download. The cash to playtime ratio is just not good.

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