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18 March 2014

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Dead Rising 3: The Last Agent contines with episode 4 of the Untold Stories of Los Perdidos and features Brad Park, a dedicated ZDC Agent who must discover the terrible truth behind the outbreak – and the dark side of his own life's work. This new side story features a new mission, 5 new weapons, 1 new combo weapon, 1 new vehicle, and a new clothing outfit, plus additional Gamerscore and the ability to carry PP (XP) back to DR3.

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'Dead Rising 3: The Last Agent' on the Xbox One was developed by Capcom Vancouver and published by Microsoft Game Studios, the game was released on March 18 2014.

Dead Rising 3 was one of the first titles to launch alongside the Xbox One back in 2013. The game came out to mixed reviews that leaned toward the positive side. The game is the third entry in the horror/comedy/zombie driven series. The basic crux of the series hasn't really changed as you are basically put into a world filled with zombies whereupon you are tasked with dispatching them all by using hand crafted weapons in insane scenarios. The resulting gameplay is typically hectic and fun and a little bit unsettling. 'The Last Agent' is the final piece of DLC to release for 'Dead Rising 3' and so it is appropriate that we discuss it as a closing chapter to a great game.

More violence, more mayhem...

Despite the fact that 'Dead Rising 3' is a solid game for a great system, the first three pieces of DLC were rather underwhelming. 'Broken Eagle', 'Fallen Angel', and 'Chaos Rising' all left users with a rather bitter taste in their mouth. It wasn't as if the DLC packages were bad by any means, but they definitely were not worth the money that they cost in order to download. 'Last Agent' is the final entry into the four part 'Season Pass' and the DLC seems to have continued the turn of mediocrity.

One of the biggest complaints that fans have mustered about the Season Pass DLC series is that none of the characters are interesting or worth paying attention to. Angel has some dedicated fans but that is the exception, not the rule. In this latest installment we get to meet Brad Park. Brad Park is a ZDC agent who is moments away from death, about to turn into the very zombies that he has been trained to viciously and remorselessly kill. Fortunately (perhaps for him) Nick is there just in time to save him with a dose of Zombrex. Park takes this second lease on life as a chance to do good and try to save lives. He immediately determines that he needs to get back to work and find a friendly doctor in order to save people from the outbreak that is tearing the world apart.

You may remember Brad from the beginning of 'Dead Rising 3' where you actually end up saving him. It is nice to see that his character is tied into the larger narrative and it is appreciated that there is some sense of continuity. So while you are doing your think at Nick, the events in Brad's storyline are occurring simultaneously. It's always nice to see the depth of the lore expanded, even if it is in a rather flat way.

Getting back to Brad we get to see the timbre of his character almost immediately. He is very reminiscent of Adam Kane and his steely resolve to do what is right makes him a character worth rooting for. Unfortunately his distinct lack of character flaws make him hard to be really interested in. He is rather vanilla in his single minded devotion to doing what is right, no matter the results and harm that he has to go through.

Leaping into 'The Last Agent' we get to follow Brad on a slew of similar missions to the ones we've done in the past. There isn't anything insanely new or inventive about them and they merely serve as action packed expansions to give the rest of the game more depth and life. You will go through fetch quests. You will fight the hordes of zombies. You will handle the escort missions (that so completely infuriated us). Eventually you will be tasked with a vehicular transportation mission that provides some spicy fun but it is far too short and not as fulfilling as it could be due to the empty calories of the missions that surround it.

As Brad is a hardcore goodie we weren't surprised to see that the bulk of his tasks were pigeonholed around saving lives. The side missions we enjoyed included hunting down all of the Zombrex in the area and disposing of infected courses. These hunting missions were entertaining for awhile but we could see how they quickly devolve into tedium. Rescuing survivors continues to be one of the most entertaining side quests due to how random they spawn and how different each run through is. Nothing is quite as enjoyable, or challenging, as rescuing a survivor that has been cornered by a horde of frothing, violent flesh eaters.

As you bash your way through zombies you will eventually find a new weapon to use in your melee duties: the pneumatic hammer. This gas powered punch bashes zombies to bits while also flinging them across the map. As far as new weapons the selections are rather limited. The pneumatic hammer is the only new melee item in the DLC and the rest of your time will be spent with guns. You'll find a fire grenade launcher, an ice rocket launcher, and a set of railguns. The fire launcher is entertaining due to the sheer chaos that it creates and the ice launcher helps you set up a row of zombies to shatter with your hammer or gun of choice. If you are a fan of projectile based weaponry then this DLC should serve you pretty well.

As we winded down to the end of 'The Last Agent' we couldn't help but feel a sense of remorse. While this is easily the best entry into the Season Pass pack, it was still merely average. The missions were fun and the character kept us motivated, but nothing rang completely golden and true. We felt like, after the end of these four entries, that we had wasted our money and our time on something filling, but not completely tasty. Sure we had fun destroying the hordes of zombies with new guns but it just didn't feel right. Now that the last DLC is released we'll have to wait for 'Dead Rising 4'.

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