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Destiny is set 700 years in the future, long after a massive, mysterious orb known as The Traveller entered the solar system, drastically altered the climates of Mars, Venus, and the Moon, and set off a new Golden Age of human exploration and colonization. But the Traveller’s ancient enemy soon followed, laying waste to nearly all of civilization and leaving the benevolent orb hovering in low orbit over Earth, protecting only the land beneath from attack. Society rebounded in the protective shadow of The Traveller, creating one last great city, and fighting a number of wars to keep that city intact. Players take on the role of a Guardian, protecting the last city from attack and exploring long-lost civilizations on Earth and its closest neighbours.

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'Destiny' on the PlayStation 4 is a first-person shooter video game developed by Bungie and published by Activision. The game was released on the PlayStation 4 on September 9, 2014.

When 'Destiny' was first announced it had to deal with the fact that it would be obviously compared to the almost mythical 'Halo' franchise that developers Bungie made so popular. So knowing that this would be the case Bungie decided to go out of their way to try and mark a completely new experience. We grabbed the PS4 version of the game and decided to jump into this new world and IP by such a reputable company. While we weren't sold on the concept at first, it definitely grew on us as we played. Keep reading to find out if this game will be in your hands in the near future.

A flawed experimentation.

When 'Destiny' was announced we were burdened with almost incomprehensible expectations by readers all over the gaming world. 'Destiny' had to bank off of the 'Halo' franchise without ever catering to those fans. The developers at Bungie were being watched closely. Would they just rehash their old ideas in order to get another pay check? Fortunately moments after putting the game in, we were certain that we were in for a whole new ride.

The game takes place in the far and distant future. Humanity is coming off of the most prosperous time of all existence. After discovering a benevolent celestial being by the name of 'The Traveler', humanity is given the gift of knowledge and a golden age soon follows. From there humans spread out across the galaxy, far and wide, colonizing planets as they come across them. Then a vile darkness begins to spread, an enemy to 'The Traveler'. Soon humanity is pushed to the brink of extinction with the only survivors being those who were at Earth, under protection of 'The Traveler'. Now all of humanity lives inside of a single city named The Tower and it is there that we see our race begin to fight back, pushing against those great forces of darkness.

That is pretty much the gist of the story and all you need to know in order to operate proficiently in this new world. While the story teeters on the edge of melodrama, it still has enough of a hook to keep us interested. While much of the story has been rehashed from other mediums, we didn't pay it too much attention. A weak story has followed Bungie's work no matter where they have gone and we fully expected that to be the case here.

One of our biggest issues, and the most resonating gripe we've seen parroted around the internet, is that the game lacks a good character to latch onto. 'Halo' had Master Chief and the character quickly became an icon. There is nobody in 'Destiny' that we really cared about. Throughout the meandering story you get introduced to new characters only to see them dropped off the face of the Earth in the next section. We don't stand out as interesting characters in the game and even the enemies, easiest of all to make interesting, pass by in a bland way.

Fortunately 'Destiny' plays beautifully and that is where we found most of our joy coming from during our experimentation with the title. 'Destiny' itself works like a FPS mashed with some elements of the traditional RPG. A minute with the game will show you that the shooting, melee, and power controls are ripped straight out of the 'Halo' guide to efficiency. Everything controls naturally and it is easy to engage in strategic firefights. The action is fast paced and you are always looking for new ways to take out your opponent while never allowing them to get the drop on you.

In 'Destiny' you have the choice between three different classes: The Titan, Hunter, and Warlock. Each class comes geared with its own subclass and that subclass allows you to reach new heights in your customization. This is where we see the heaviest aspects of the RPG element glow through. Every class has their own special abilities and moves that are kept in check by a cool down mechanism that keeps you from spamming them. The three different classes we listed above are well designed and balanced. You can play each one of them and get a different experience each time.

'Destiny' puts a heavy emphasis on the world of PvE (Player versus Everything) and it is definitely pulling inspiration from some of the legendary MMOs of our time. You can travel to four different hubs (Earth, Venus, Mars, and the Moon) and from there you can explore different environments. These environments are filled to the brim with new enemies, side missions, loot caches, and collectable materials to either utilize or sell away from cash. You'll run across different players as you roll through these hubs and these instances help to breathe life to what, at times, feels like a solitary experience in a multiplayer world.

When you accept missions in these hubs you are put into an instanced (read: alone) world. There you will complete the mission by yourself, without any interference from other plays that are currently online. Complete the mission and you will eventually get bumped back out to the general instance. Party up with other players to tackle harder missions or go at them alone to test your skills.

'Destiny' puts a heavy emphasis on finding your own way through the leveling system. Each time that you level up you will see your base stats rise and you will also unlock new gear. Learn new skills with experience points and work on filling out your different subclasses. The more you are leveled up the more powerful you are able to be on the battlefield.

While we had definite reservations during our time with 'Destiny', we couldn't help but feel that the experience was rewarding us. The fast paced, action oriented gameplay worked well and we loved having other players in the same world as us. This isn't a unique experience, but it is definitely something to consider for those needing a console based MMO.

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