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09 September 2014

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Destiny is a special game because it is trying to do something different. In a day and age where MMORPGs are simply trying to play it safe to keep their users, Destiny is trying to change things. It's not perfect, not by any means, but it is good enough.

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Destiny. The single word says so much while saying so little. It offers power, hope, and aspiration all in a few syllables. From the creators of Halo, Destiny places you into the shoes of one of the Guardians in the last city on Earth. You have incredible powers and the freedom to explore the vast world around you. Head to Mars, or Venus, fight the greatest enemies that Earth has ever known. The choice of how you live, fight, and die all resides within you. So will you answer the call? Since the release of its advanced beta on Xbox Live Destiny has rapidly been rising in fan support. The game promised a gigantic free roaming world with the richness of the Halo saga and the leveling of a conventional MMO. Did it deliver? Let's find out!

Whether you took part in the beta program or you've merely been inundated with the seemingly limitless commercials on television, Destiny has risen to some major hype status. The guys behind Destiny made some pretty big promises and now it is time to find out if they lived up to them. For the most part Destiny has failed as a story telling experience. The storyline for the game basically begins and ends with, 'You are the chosen one and we need you to fight the enemies of Earth'. Sure there are a ton of missions to go on and there is definitely some development reserved for potentially iconic enemies but the majority of this information is just hand waved away. It's not like you'll be paying too much attention to the campaign mode as you play along.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of Destiny's gameplay is the mixture of elements involved in the various missions that you can take. From short and simple recon missions all the way to elaborate three man dungeons, Destiny has a little bit of everything for you to choose from depending on your mood. What's more, these different missions will push you to see the different parts of the rich and beautiful world--something you might not otherwise do! The longer you play the more these missions might seem to run together but they are always just interesting enough to keep from feeling stale. Oftentimes you will find yourself playing guard to an AI companion that needs you to 'fight off some attackers for just a few minutes' in order to accomplish your goal.

Being that Destiny is an MMO, or massively multiplayer online game, it stands to reason that there has been an added incentive to incorporate more team aspects to the world. Players can join together to traverse across creation and quest together. This makes the grinding aspect of the game easier while alleviating some of the burdens that a solo player might carry. Even so, solo players can still flow through the game but they will be faced with a harder challenge.

On the downside of the Destiny experience is the lengthy load times between worlds. After every mission it is imperative that you head back to a hub in order to cash in on your quests and buy new gear. This is typically a rock solid part of any MMO but not for Destiny, thanks to longer than normal load times. This tends to drag down the momentum of your game play session for the day seeing as you will have to twiddle your thumbs for awhile during these loading screens.

Destiny is a game that prides itself on becoming completely defined by user experiences. You can progress your character, their skills, and their overall look by paying attention to your choices throughout the game. Customize your guns, level with friends, and continue to push yourself to be the best there is in the game. If you feel like sharing how strong you are with the Destiny fanbase then make sure to head into the arena where you will be able to fight in PVP combat. When players aren't fighting each other in the arena they are experiencing massive gun battles out on their own.

Destiny is a special game because it is trying to do something different. In a day and age where MMORPGs are simply trying to play it safe to keep their users, Destiny is trying to change things. It's not perfect, not by any means, but it is good enough for us.

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