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15 May 2012

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It plays well and is gorgeous, but the story fell flat and the DRM is annoying. I was hoping that Diablo III would rekindle the magic I felt with Diablo II, but, unfortunately, it doesn’t.

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Released over 10 years after Diablo II, die-hard fans have been patiently waiting for the third installment in the Diablo franchise. Well, itÂ’s released, and since launch has sold over 12 million copies. By the fiscal metric, itÂ’s a success. But is it a good game? LetÂ’s find out

First, weÂ’ll go over the good.

Playing through the game will give you beautiful fall landscapes, blisteringly bright deserts and spooky, morose catacombs and graveyards. But itÂ’s not just the scenery that impresses, but the character and monster design as well. I played a Barbarian, and as I went about killing zombies and fallen, the way I moved and swung my weapon made me feel powerful.

But itÂ’s not just the way the game looks, but also the way it sounds. Their musicians and Foley artists really outdid themselves. My footsteps sounded heavy, the enemies made various squishy or gurgling sounds as I slaughtered them. The audio and visual aspects mesh together perfectly, creating a very pleasing atmosphere that persists throughout the whole game. This was very well done.

The gameplay itself is also mostly rewarding. Blizzard has done a good job of making the various abilities feel unique and fun to use, and with the runes to heavily modify how the abilities act you can build a customized setup that can be a joy to play.

And we can’t forget the gear. Diablo II was known for the wide, wide, WIDE variety of gear it offered, and its successor does not disappoint. There is an immense joy bursting the minions of evil like the piñatas they are, hoping and waiting to see those yellow or orange letters flash on the screen.

Unfortunately, itÂ’s not all fun demon bashing.

You do have to deal with an online only DRM, which is often annoying when it isnÂ’t rage inducing. Few things can ruin a perfectly good gaming moment than a disconnection notice followed with a restore to a previous checkpoint. Fortunately, those checkpoints are often, so you never lose more than a few minutes of time. What really sucks though is if you lose Internet service. Diablo 3 isnÂ’t an MMO, and though coop play is a big, enjoyable part of the game, sometimes you your Internet is down, or your connection is really spotty. Not being able to play offline can be a huge hassle.

Diablo II had one of the best stories IÂ’ve ever experienced in a game, and after finishing Diablo III I felt unsatisfied. Overall, the story was trite, bland and predictable. There were a few cool moments, but those moments are few and far between, and very critical points of the story felt incredibly forced. Very unfortunate, because the overall atmosphere was so perfectly executed that a strong story would have made for an incredible experience.

Diablo III is a good game. It plays well and is gorgeous, but the story fell flat and the DRM is annoying. I was hoping that Diablo III would rekindle the magic I felt with Diablo II, but, unfortunately, it doesnÂ’t.

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Oct 5, 2013

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