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25 May 2012

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DiRT Showdown is the new arcade racing game from the team that brought you the award-winning DiRT series, uncaged in 2012. Pick up and play controls combine with electrifying events, frenzied crowds and stunning graphics to deliver high octane, dive in and drive thrills from event one. Trade paint and use nitrous to blast past rivals in DiRT Showdown's racing modes. Courses are littered with obstacles, pinch points, multiple-routes and ramps to deliver adrenaline-fuelled racing across spectacular courses. Crash, smash and bash your way through a range of demolition derby events, pushing our stunning damage engine to its spectacular limits. DiRT Showdown comes with phenomenal graphical performance, bone-jarring damage, and social online and split-screen multiplayer as standard.

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Release Date: 11/09/2009

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Dirt Showdown for the PS3 is the new installment in the Dirt franchise by Codemasters. As soon as you start Dirt Showdown, the game will bombard you with pop ups asking you to go online. Even if you refuse these popups, the game will constantly hound you with more and more, until you finally give in, so its best that you do. The game will also prompt you to tweet about it, and ask for your Youtube account, all for social stat tracking. Despite this, its hard to confuse Dirt Showdown as anything but a game from the Dirt franchise, filled with smooth menu transition and crash overlay options.

In Dirt Showdown, the cars are quite nicely detailed, and the longer you drive your car in a race, the more dust and dirt it will collect. The tracks are filled with spectacles and fireworks, and each racing track is filled with destructible objects. It is a good looking game, which is what we have come to expect from Codemaster games. The Audio is decently done as well, with a decent soundtrack and some cool exhaust sounds. One thing that is incredibly frustrating is the inability to mute the extremely bad commentary they have put in the game. You can mute the music entirely, but the commentary will not go below 50% volume, so dumb! The commentators have a very limited and come up with some non existent words, they will have you cringing at some of their verbal offerings.

Dirt Showdown is a bit lighter than Dirt 4, it has shallow handling and a very simplified vehicle physics. Unfortunately the game has a very small selection of tracks, and audio that will leave you feeling uninterested and bored after only a couple of hours. Most of the actual racing tracks are equally as boring and flat as the commentary, making for some pretty dull races.

Dirt Showdown does come with a few different game modes. The gymkhana-based Joyride mode is basically a near copy of the one in Dirt 3. You start by doing tricks and picking up hidden packages in what looks to be the Battersea Compound in Dirt 3. Then you move to the Yokohama Docks area. There is also Smashhunters, in which you track down and find sequences of coloured foam bollards. This is short fun, but certainly does not last long enough to redeem the game. There is Domination, in which the track is divided into four sections, and in which each section is time ranked. If you dominate enough sectors, you win. The destruction derbies are well, not quite right. Showdown does not do too well with this arena based system, as you are put on a time limit, even though it is last man standing. This means beaten cars donÂ’t stay wrecked and, when you get written off, all that happens is you re-spawn.It is basically a deathmatch with cars.

All in all Dirt Showdown is a reasonably good game to to keep you occupied for some little while, just don't expect anything as well polished as Dirt 3 or 4.

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