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13 February 2009

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Bolt allows players to take control of the super-pooch when he's truly in his element -- in the starring role of his fictional television series. While the movie follows the real-world adventures of Penny's brave but delusional puppy as he makes his cross-country trip home, the video game plays out in the comic book world of Bolt's show-within-the-movie, where overdrawn villains threaten at every turn, and where his canine superpowers are in full effect. In third-person action-adventure style, players control both Bolt and Penny through a variety of super-spy adventures, in five intriguing locations around the globe.

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The game takes place inside the context of the movie, but doesn't have anything directly to do with the storyline. That gives it the capability to exist on its own merit, and doesn't require that you have seen the movie to enjoy the game. If you haven't, Bolt is a super-dog who can shoot lasers out of his eyes that you'll be controlling for a lot of the game. The rest of the time, you'll be in charge of Penny, Bolt's owner. An evil scientist by the name of Dr. Calico is trying to get Penny's dad to create a super-weapon, so it's up to Bolt and Penny to stop him and save her dad.

The game is mostly made up of Bolt, traveling through levels trying to track down and catch Dr. Calico. To do this, he'll have to tear through several thousands of enemies that are trying to stop him. The attacks he has available are either light or heavy, and can be built up into chains with multiple hits. Killing enemies gives him energy, which allows access to a group of special attacks.

When Bolt successfully attacks with a chain, it increases a combo counter that powers up a meter that allows Bolt to unleash Super attacks. These super attacks can be devastating to crowds to enemies. Just using the different skills available is fun, switching between ranged and melee, saving the energy earned for stronger enemies, and then building up the Super meter for a huge attack. The whole thing really comes together in the middle of the game, when waves of enemies hurl themselves at you unceasingly, and the different special attacks and Super attacks are required just to stay alive.

In order to prevent that action from ever getting to repetitive, the Penny levels slow everything down. In the levels which feature her, Penny generally has to sneak into a secret lair and hack a couple computers in order to help Bolt progress along. Her sequences have a lot more problem-solving and puzzle-solving aspects than Bolts, as well as quite a few platforming sections. She gets a mode called Vision that helps direct her to the next portion of the level, and there is a little mini-game that she has to play every time she hacks a computer. All these slow, focused exercises give a chance to rest the fingers and hands between the marathon battles that Bolt has to fight through.

A lot of games that have direct links to a movie end up trying to capitalize on the movie's success for a quick buck, and therefore the games suffer. Bolt, on the other hand, does the opposite, and might even help gamers who had no desire to see the movie before, want to see the movie.

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