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19 November 2010


In Doctor Who Returns to Earth, the Doctor and Amy are floating around in the depths of space when they come across the SS Lucy Gray, seemingly abandoned as it makes its way back to Earth. They board the ship and begin to explore, only to find that all is not as it seems... More specifically, a Cyberman has grafted itself into the ship's AI. It's up to the Doctor and Amy (complete with Matt Smith and Karen Gillan's voice talents) to stop the Cybermen's plot, rescuing the crew in the process. Tricky as that might sound, however, it gets more complicated. The Daleks are also in the mix and are attempting to recover a lost Time Axis from the ship.

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Doctor Who Returns to Earth for Wii was supposed to be a massive favorite among the fans of the BBC's Doctor Who, and one of its writers, Stephen Moffat. However, the game wasn't all that it seemed. According to most Doctor Who fans who played the game, it was atrocious and should never have been created. Nintendo really screwed up, says a former player, who couldn't even continue playing the game. The graphics are awful, the concept is bad, and the story line just isn't enough. Doctor Who Returns to Earth seems to be the bad game of bad games, unfortunately so for the millions of fans.

The Wii is known for the simplified graphics it displays in most games it can run, but the graphics in Doctor Who Returns to Earth are downright awful. They are pixelated and look incredibly similar to the graphics of an original PlayStation video game from the 90s. When the graphics of a modern video game are trash, the visual experience for the player becomes the same, trash. This game was made within the last couple of years, and most of Doctor Who's fans are between the ages of eleven and seventeen. This means that people that young wouldn't really remember incredibly old graphics like that, thus ruining their experience even more.

The concept of Doctor Who Returns to Earth doesn't seem all that great either according to players and fans either. The game seems to revolve solely on stealth and these crystals that must be obtained in order to continue playing the game. These crystals are essential in defeating enemies and getting past certain obstacles, but it really frustrates players. If the player has no crystals, they cannot progress. They must go back and look for crystals. As the game goes on, the chance of finding crystals lessens, putting the player in an aggravated mood. When the crystals cannot be used, the stealth of the player must be used. They must hide behind objects to avoid enemies, but if they are caught, they don't have the option to fight back. They must go back to their last checkpoint.

The story line isn't quite there, meaning there really isn't one. The most exciting part about this game is that the voices of Matt Smith (who plays The Doctor in Doctor Who) and Karen Gillan (one of the lead actresses on the same show) are featured in the game. Their participation was must appreciated, but that's honestly the only pleasant thing about the game according to almost every player.

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