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21 November 2014

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Dragon Age: Inquisition takes place in the midst of an ongoing war between mages and templars, and charges players with tracking down those responsible for sewing cataclysmic chaos. Gamers choose their character's sex, select from the Dwarf, Elf, Human, and Qunari races, and pick between the powerful melee attacks of a Warrior, the stealthy arrows and daggers of a Rogue, or the elemental magic of a Mage. They then form a party of four and set off on an adventure across the varied environments of the continent of Thedas. The action finds gamers capturing forts to open new areas for exploration, setting up new camps to deploy troops, fortifying strongholds, and engaging in battles against all manner of creatures.

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'Dragon Age Inquisition' on the Xbox One is an fantasy action role-playing video game which was developed by BioWare and released by Electronic Arts on various consoles including the next gen consoles.

Rarely, it seems, is there a franchise born into excellence. 'Dragon Age' seemed destined to buck that trend. The first title was also developed by the same team a few years back. A sequel followed it to middling reviews. Many wondered where the third entry in the series would go. Well, for those that waited patiently by their Xbox Ones the answer is finally here: the game came out a classic.

'Dragon Age: Inquisition' is the third title by BioWare in the series and it released to near unanimous praise. After winning the Game of the Year award the title went on to sweep the field critically and commercially. That is all we really NEED to say about the game, but we wouldn't get to play it more unless we wrote a deeper review. SO with that being said, here is why 'Dragon Age: Inquisition' is the best RPG on the Xbox One.

On to Thedas...

'Inquisition' brings players to the continent of Thedas, which is a giant and new fantasy world for players to explore. This new land is already many times larger than the prior two games and it gives players more of difference in terms of geographical locations to explore. Now it isn't 'Skyrim' but it doesn't have to be.

The game starts out when a conference on peace between the Templars and Mages is disrupted by a gigantic explosion. Numerous different rifts are open, along with the Breach, and demons begin to pour out. Everyone is killed in this horrific attack except you, the player. You don't escape unharmed, however, as there is a mysterious mark on your hand that allows you to close different rifts. Your memory is wiped from the experience and you are soon pulled into a group whose sole quest is to close the rest of the rifts and finish the last orders of the Divine. Your job is to close the Breach and if your first experience is any indication, remembered or not, things are going to get much bloodier before they get better.

This cataclysmic event perfectly sets up the rest of the game for you. You are instantly transported into a world that is rife with magic, alliances, Machiavellian schemes, and more despair than you can even understand. The world is unfolding before your every step and it is living and breathing in a way that most titles just don't match. This is the beauty of a Bioware title. Everything matters. The story is rich and complex and deep and so much more than just a video game, it is a true experience.

Following the recent trend in video gaming, 'Inquisition' is an open world title. Some of us will naturally get more excited by this fact (myself being one of those people) and others will grown. Open world gaming is trending dangerously close to 'fad status' and it could just be a gimmick to give poor games a reason to be played. The past two 'Dragon Age' titles were not open world and they excelled in certain places due to the strength of their writing. Was the decision made here in order to cash in? We aren't sure, but we are glad that it was made.

The game is cohesive and intricate and the open world keeps you absolutely immersed into life on Thedas. There are missions, side quests, ambient events, and so much more that will keep you glued to your screen. When you aren't determined to push the campaign forward toward the end you can bide your time and grind away on an array of different missions. Travel all over the land. Raise your stats, get some swag, and kill some baddies.

I found that 'Inquisition' really didn't hit its mark until the 25 hour mark or so. This was where what I wanted out of the game and what the campaign was offering seemed to most match up. We'll avoid saying what happened here in order to protect you from spoilers, but it was one of the greatest moments in video games for the year. While we wax philosophical on the nature of the campaign, it feels important to stress how important everything is in 'Inquisition'. Every choice that you make sculpts the world around you. You are living in a place that doesn't rest in black and white territory. There are morally gray areas. There are hard decisions to make. You must acknowledge the sacrifices in order to gain the prizes.

As the leader of the Inquisition you will spend a fair bit of time pointing people in the direction that you want them to go. You'll head the War Table and have to deal with a host of familiar faces as your advisers. You may need their help in order to win this war but you'll need to keep them firmly in line. Send soldiers out to the right places, dispatch your spies and diplomats. You must curry favor with Fereldon and Orlais. You'll eventually have run across almost 300 total missions in the game alone, offering you all sorts of rewards to keep you pushing forward.

In order to proceed forward into new areas you must unlock them by gaining power. To gain power you must complete numerous missions, shut down rifts, and work diligently with your war counsel. Some will feel shackled by these artificial gates, others will appreciate the creative way in which they are employed. Monsters do not scale with the player so it is almost necessary to keep the levels in check. It's a decent way, in the end, to do an unpopular thing.

'Dragon Age: Inquisition' on the Xbox One is an exceptional title that seems to push all the sorts of things we love in modern RPG games and place them together. We love how precise the storyline is and how fantastically fleshed out all of the characters are. The alliances and betrayals all feel real to us. The crafting system is interesting, the graphics are wonderful, and the War Table is a great gameplay element.

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