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13 November 2009

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Dragon Ball: Raging Blast is a 3D fighting game featuring more than 40 heroes, villains from the franchise. The roster swells above 70 playable characters including the Super Saiyan. Battles are fought in large in interactive and destructible arenas, taken from key moments throughout the manga and anime series. Characters display real-time damage, such as scrapes, bruises, and torn clothing from a tough fight. Single-player modes include the "Dragon Battle Collection" main story campaign, which runs from the Saiyan Saga up to the Kid Buu Saga, and "Super Battle Trial," which allows players to duke it out.

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Dragon Ball is the long time known fighting series that mark its name on anime world. The game is one on one battle rule. The features and powers of characters are lightning speed, destructive super power and ability to fly and float. The controls are up and down, left and right and forward, backward and sideward. On the screen you can see the two fighters in front of you. When cases that the opponent is in different environment, you use the tap button to easily view the enemy.

In the game setting, there is practice mode and real fighting mode and Dragon Battle Collection. In the practice mode, you can practice Goku’s and Gohan’s dash attack, smash attack, power attack, and slash attack. Dragon ball is very convenient game for all. The controls are accessible for defences and attacks. There are special techniques that you can use defeat the, just familiarising the buttons and you will surely win the fight.

To the gamers who really wanted to acquire the best character power, you need to spend long time in improving Ki power for extra power strength. Dragon Battle Collection is the coolest part of the game, there is a story line where in there is the brief introduction of Saiyan Saga, Frieza Saga and Adroid Saga. In playing the Saga level, it will open the close Dragon ball characters and special attacks for extra defence, life and power. The characters are seventy in all and somehow contain almost the same power features.

In the fighting mode, it includes Arcade, Survival, Time attack and Tournament that competes with sixteen players and defeats them to reach the supremacy level. But then, the fight against the other characters is not that easy to combat. It takes quality time and strategy to level up. The game is thrilling as you progress. The visuals, audios and graphics are good and you will surely appreciate.

Overall this is a mediocre game and iv played better fighting games on the PS3.

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