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24 January 2014

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In Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z, Namco Bandai's long-running, manga-inspired fighting series returns with an emphasis on team battles and multiplayer action. Gamers can take on four-player co-op action or eight-player Battle Royale matches, using a mix of ground and aerial assaults, and unleashing classic Dragon Ball Z ultimate attacks. There are 19 stages in which to battle, and nearly 70 characters from which to choose, including the new Super Saiyan God version of Goku. Fans of the series can also listen to dialogue from the authentic Japanese or English voice casts.

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by Bandai Namco Games
Release Date: 27/02/2015

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Creating a team with your favorite Dragon Ball Z characters to go and reenact all the epic battles we have been watching over and over since the nineties should be awesome, and getting to do this friends should be spectacular. But when there is no local co-op in the fighting engine and you have to use a couple sensei beams it seems like Dragon Ball Z does little more than shoot a special beam cannon right to your heart.

What made Dragon Ball Z were the standout over-the-top epic fights; they were why we put up with those crap filler episodes, to see aliens throw punches faster than the speed of light when they werenÂÂ’t even in their final form. You're just going to be doing the same mission you have been playing over and over for the last 20 years and every other Dragon Ball Z game that came before it.

There is more to battle with these fights than just mashing a button but it doesn't always feel like it, more often than not it felt like you just want to do something more than bashing a button. To their credit Bandai Namco has given players controls that are easily accessible and make what could be a daunting experience one you can just pick up and play. How long people actually played for could be determined by which side of the fight the are on. Battle of Z combat puts players in one or two positions, either you're kicking ass or getting your ass kicked, there really isn't much middle ground to stand on.

As the game progresses you start playing as the bad guys and things just go further off the rails. Probably the one saving grace in the gameplay is that you get to make your own little RPG style party of four characters that barring some mission specifics can be any combination of good or evil fighters, you could even take four cybermen if you really wanted to.

The AI fighters were so damn useless, every so often you will spot them standing there and at other times when you are down and in need of being revived they will be looking right at you and do not pay any attention. You may eventually decide that you will try to act as the healer and pick three superstar computer teammates that make perfect cells, and they will still let you down in spectacular fashion. The AI also draws from the same life pool that you drew, and if one person truly dies its mission fails.

At least Bandai Namco has managed to recreate the iconic look in three dimensions, at the end of the day Namco really dropped the Dragon Ball here, there's just a bunch of things that could have been done so much better but were sadly lacking in this game.

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