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09 May 2008

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This game may still be able to draw new players to the Dragon Quest franchise, but for long time fans, this is just as stale stripped down version of a popular gaming franchise.

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You play the game as a hero assigned to find and rescue the Queen. You won't go questing alone though, as you'll eventually find yourself in the company of several people eager to join you in your quest. You'll have Prince Anlance, Claymore, your father, and Fleurette, a French maiden. Aside from clever remarks and minor dialogues, they won't contribute much to your gaming. This also doesn't mean you'll get into dungeons with a full party as most of the time you can only have one companion fighting alongside with you.

The game is still essentially an RPG albeit a very simple one. RPG elements of leveling up, upgrading equipment's and running around town getting quest objectives before you head off to fight in dungeons are still present. However, each of those elements is kept to its basic form with little or no complications. With the D pad, you can walk around in first person view and talk with characters. For targeting objects you can press the A button. The game controls have even been made simpler as they totally excluded Nunchuk functionality. Despite the game developers simplifying things, you still have to deal with sloppy controls when moving around.

As soon as you are in combat, however, you can use the Wii controls to hack and slash to your heart's content. You can do slashing and slicing gestures like handling a real sword to mow down approaching enemies which often attack in groups giving you the satisfying feeling of cleaving through them. With the A button, you can also point to specific targets onscreen when you want to focus your attack power on one enemy. With the B button, you can raise your shield and defend yourself from attacks. Conveniently, the direction of the attacks are shown onscreen just moments in advance giving you ample time to react and shield yourself in the right location. There is also this special attack gauge that gets filled up as you've killed more enemies. When this becomes full, you can initiate a special attack move which requires you to do a series of wiggling, thrusting and waving of your remote. It's certainly very amusing and perhaps may be the only highlight of your combat.

Setting the combat factor aside, Dragon Quest Swords doesn't have anything remarkable to present. With the limited companion you have during dungeon runs, and not to mention that they only do light support by casting spells, to the very basic RPG elements that's common among other RPG games, it really doesn't have much to offer. This game may still be able to draw new players to the Dragon Quest franchise, but for long time fans, this is just as stale stripped down version of a popular gaming franchise.

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