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If you think the game is creepy during the day, just wait until you get cornered in an alley right as the sun is setting. The new lighting effects on 'Dying Light' make this a wonderful experience and it truly becomes a must play on the Xbox One for horror and survival fans alike.

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Released in 2015 for the Xbox One, 'Dying Light' is a brutal look at surviving in a truly horrific world. We didn't know what kind of game we were getting into when we first started looking at the box art. We were afraid that we were getting another 'DayZ'/'Dead Rising' rip off. Boy were we wrong. Techland pulled no punches and the publishers at Warner Bros let them have their way. Let's take a look and see if 'Dying Light' has a place in your video game collection.

With the rise of games like 'Dead Rising', 'Minecraft', and 'DayZ', the survival/horror genre has gotten a huge kick in the pants. One of the most popular genres of the last couple of years, we've seen many games try to cash in with half baked results. This isn't the case with the developers over at Techland, though.

When you first load up 'Dying Light' on the Xbox One you will rightfully be hesitant on what you are getting out of the package. To understand the game we need to first take a brief look at the story mode in order to see just how succesful this thing can be.

In 'Dying Light' you take on the role of a man by the name of Kyle Crane. Mr. Crane is a special operative that gets sent to the city of Harran, by the GRE (Global Relief Effort), in order to locate some very sensitive data. The data is in the possession of a man by the name of Kadir Suleiman. Suleiman is threatening to blackmail the GRE and release the contents of the information to the public. Something we probably don't want to happen. Harran, you should know, is 'Dying Lights' interpretation of real life ancient Turkey. Why can't the GRE do this themselves? Only one little problem: the city has been overrun by ultra aggressive zombies. Yep, zombies!

As it turns out there was some sort of mysterious viral outbreak that turned much of Harran's population into flesh eating monstrosities. Crane comes too close to one of these creatures and he ends up being bitten and summarily infected. Before Crane can die he is saved by a mysterious Jade Aldemire and his friend Amir, who dies valiantly in order to buy time to get you to safety. Crane ends up being brought to a place called 'The Tower'. It is here that Crane is introduced to the big players in the game while being given a whole new outlook on the situation that Harran is facing. he finds out that there is a gang of people abusing the chaos in order to further their own ventures. These ventures include the hording of a potential vaccine against the virus. This perks Crane up and gets us sent back into the city with a new state of mind.

As you can tell, the storyline for this game is pretty intense. We barely touched on some of the bigger events in the game, preferring to keep you in the dark so as not to spoil any big reveals. Because of this elaborate storyline you will have to make sure to pay attention in the moments where you are interacting with living, breathing, and talking characters. Much like we anticipate a real life zombie outbreak being, this game teaches you to focus only on yourself You are in a city that is determined to kill you, whether it be from shady government forces, flesh eating creatures, or men trying to take advantage of the whole thing.

What we enjoyed most about 'Dying Light' is that it was a single player experience that could seamlessly be opened up to include another player alongside you. And that's what 'Dying Light' allows. If you want to have someone sit on the couch next to you and play alongside you for the duration of the campaign, feel free. The co op campaign mode is there in all of its glory. All too often companies are choosing to ignore the value of having a player along for the ride during the campaign. Growing up and playing games on consoles without the internet, we learned how much fun co-op could be. Now companies seem more inclined to shoehorn in a campaign mode so that they can get people to focus on some online multiplayer. Anyways, we digress.

The focus of the game has Kyle pushing to perform a series of different missions. Not unlike 'Assassins Creed' or 'Shadow of Mordor', you are placed in what is essentially an open world. The city stretches out before you in every direction and anywhere you can see, you can go. Alon the way you will run into different events, some of which you can focus on to push the story forward, while others merely serve to add depth to the gameplay experience.

Kyle has a range of ways that he can advance during your time spent with the game. There is a level up tree and various abilities that you can unlock. You can get your character run run faster, move quicker, and even take advantage of special attacks. Unlocking certain items can change the core of the game (the grappling hook comes to mind) and parkour is always heavily emphasized. After all, there is nothing quite as invigorating as ditching a horde of zombies by climbing onto a roof just in the nick of time. The chase sequences will get your blood pumping and the narrow grabs will get your toes curling.

One last aspect we wanted to comment on was the real time passage of time. We know it is sort of en vogue to add this element, but it seriously works well here. As you play the day will pass in real time. If you think the game is creepy during the day, just wait until you get cornered in an alley right as the sun is setting. The new lighting effects on 'Dying Light' make this a wonderful experience and it truly becomes a must play on the Xbox One for horror and survival fans alike.

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