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24 April 2009

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Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2 is a third-person hack-and-slash combat game in the well refined Dynasty Warriors style, and features characters and settings from five Universal Century-era Mobile Suit Gundam animé series. From a medium-range behind-the-back perspective, players face mob after mob of enemies to defeat by using heavy melee attacks and few ranged weapons. Characters and mechs have different strengths, although all are powerful against most regular enemies. Players can choose their pilot and suit separately, allowing them to mix and match favorites from the various television series, or to fine-tune overall fighting stats for their preferred styles of play.

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The story for this game is a rather difficult one to pick up, especially if you’re new to the Gundam universe. There are a number of different characters that can be played through and lots of storyline relevant to each one, but they’re not extremely self-explanatory, so players can easily get lost in the complex tales and end up completely unable to figure out what’s going on. A strong storyline isn’t necessarily a requirement for an action game, however.

What’s most important in an action game is the action, and it’s not necessarily the case that a hack-and-slash style of game has to be repetitive. This game, however, is pretty similar to other previous versions of Dynasty Warriors titles. The combat is a little different, in that you smash through enemies with the standard attack, just like you always did, but now you can push another button to end a combo, called a charge attack. This performs a special attack that be used on the fly in battle. There is also another special attack, called the SP attack, which is charged up over time by defeating enemies. Once charged, your SP attack can be devastating on the competition. In addition to smashing through enemies your robot can jump, strafe, dash, and some can even morph into another mode.

There are a couple of different game modes that you can play through in single-player mode. Official mode follows the plots of various different anime series, and Mission mode allows you to play through all the available mission types. Either way, you choose a pilot and then select missions that you want to complete in a small campaign. Generally, though, these missions, whatever the type, all involve the same skills and goal: tear through enemies by repeatedly mashing the attack button until you’ve cleared an area of targets, then move on to the next. It’s a formula that is a standby in the Dynasty Warriors series, and it functions exactly the same here.

There are some multiplayer options available, such as split-screen and online play across three different game types. Even the multiplayer tag game wasn’t much different from the normal game. There are also a bunch of maps, but that won’t make the experience any less monotonous.

In the end, that’s what Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2 is; monotonous. If you are a fan of hack-and-slash style of games, and can pound your fingers for the hours necessary to advance, there is a lot of content available.

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