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08 September 2006

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In Enchanted Arm, players will explore 75 different environments, and complete multiple objectives and branching missions while listening to Japanese or English dialogue. Atsuma is an Enchanter-in-training with the power to control the angry golems with a mysterious power embedded in his arm. Enchanted Arms features a fighting sequence that is intended to rely on strategy as well as power. The combat plays out on a grid of 12 squares that you and the enemy may move around on. There are no classes in Enchanted Arms, so how you select your skills determines how successful you are in battle. Players will select each of your four group members and the attack they will use. When you are done, you can sit back and watch the action take place.

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The game is the first Japanese RPG game for Xbox 360, and it is already unimpressive and passive. Enchanted Arms is just as closely, almost copied from, FINAL FANTASY game. It is so sad that even the music it plays is so familiar, it gives you goose bumps. But nonetheless, this game is still worth playing.

Because the story is so predictable, but this is what role-playing game is for, isnÂ’t it? But this game can take a normal player for almost two days max. The main character, Atsuma, suffered from memory loss discovers himself having a very powerful ability that can save the world. He is a student at Enchant University where he studies enchanting. Because the humans are so powerful that they can create servants and they are called golems. So, millennium ago the golems turned against the humans and created the Golem War. Fast forward to the present, AtsumaÂ’s destiny to save the universe is revealed and a mysterious right arm that produces his power. AtsumaÂ’s quest continues battling not just golems but humans too. He battles with many other creatures and going through dungeons and the like.

The good thing about Enchanted Arms is that it has many ground battles. Because it is an RPG game, you may have as much as 4 players or characters in your party. You assign orders to these characters and you just click go and specific actions are carried out.

Once you are in the battle, your character can automatically regenerate back their health. But if your vitality point, it will be impossible to do so. So you have to reach a replenishing station. Keeping extra character is required in the game to be swapped. Having an extra character saves you time to go through vitality areas.

There are so many golems in the game. More than 100 different golems are found in Enchanted Arms. Each golem has special abilities. There are also strong golems to watch out for. You can take as much golems as possible. You can do this in ranked or unranked battle. The game is not as good with multiplayer though. But it can be interesting to do multiplayer since you can acquire skills through experimentation and apply it to single play.

The sound of Enchanted Arms is good, though the English voice part seems to give you nightmares. English voice acting is totally bad to listen to. The music is so familiar, like most RPGs. But the presentation is a so-so. The character is fair enough with its details. It isnÂ’t as bad as it seems but the graphics is not as expected of an RPG game considering it to be in Xbox 360 platform.

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May 12, 2013

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