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04 October 2013

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F1 2013 features all the cars, stars and circuits from the 2013 FIA Formula One World Championship plus, for the first time, classic content. F1 Classics is an expansive new game mode in which you'll race legendary drivers in famous cars at iconic circuits from the 1980s. This classic content can also be played in a range of modes including split-screen and online multiplayer. F1 2013 also features all of the new drivers, team moves, tire changes and remodelled handling to recreate the thrill of racing 2013's stunning roster of Formula One cars. New enhancements, improvements plus new, expanded and returning game modes combine to deliver the most complete simulation of a Formula One season in videogame history.

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While the latest season of F1 might be a bit boring to watch in the real world even for fans of the sport with Vettel winning every single race, as with any sport there is escape to be had in the video game version. F1 2013 is certainly the best version of Codemasters' licensed series yet, but has it been changed enough from last years edition?

The F1 game series has always been a bit intimidating, requiring a deep understanding of the sport's intricacies, even on the easiest level. Thankfully, last year's F1 2012 saw the introduction of a huge number of new features that made the game easier for newcomers, and this year's F1 game continues along those lines.

What really sets this year's F1 game apart from all the others is the introduction of modes that require far less of a time commitment. While most modes from last year return, the "Champion" mode has morphed into what are now being referred to as scenarios. These scenarios help new and even somewhat experienced players get better at the sport of F1 by pushing them through a number of scenarios, some of them mirroring real life events, while others are made up challenges. Players may find themselves having to try and make it past the finish line with a broken gearbox or trying to pull ahead of the unbeatable Vettel on a rainy day.

Perhaps the current state of F1 racing isn't particularly interesting, and it's hard to argue that with this year in particular. To help out those who are becoming a little bored with the current state of the sport, Codemasters has added a sort of historical mode, where players get the opportunity to race in historical F1 cars, but for a historical mode it has one major problem in s much that the entire roster is picked bit by bit from completely different F1 eras, and there are only 10 drivers in total, meaning that drivers that could have never gone up against each other in real life are suddenly lined up on the grid shoulder to shoulder.

When it comes to the actual gameplay, this latest version of F1 does not seem to have changed a whole lot on the surface but, if you look a little bit closer, it's easy to see that not only are the rival racers smarter, but the management mechanics are far more realistic, making tire management meaningful for the first time in quite a while. At the same time, cars are far more varied due to the way that they have been configured making player choice far more important than ever before.

To be certain, F1 2013 has not changed all that much since last year, and really only the most die-hard fans will care about the changes made in it. If you're new to the series, or not even a fan of F1, this latest iteration is easier to get into than ever before, but if you're a veteran, you need to be sure that the additions are really going to make a difference for you.

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Dec 6, 2013

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